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DVD Review – Tom and Jerry’s Greatest Chases Vol. 2

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That famous cat and mouse duo are at it again in Tom and Jerry’s Greatest Chases Vol. 2 – you know who I am talking about, the little ol’ mouse who has a way of always outsmarting the big bad puddy tat. Tom and Jerry have been entertaining generations of kids and adults alike, and through this delightful collections of some of the greatest chase cartoon, everyone can relive them over and over again.

It amazes me how such a simple cartoon, such as Tom and Jerry, can bring out so many laughs and such enjoyment. I mean, think about it, there are hardly any vocals in many of the cartoons and the entire series of shows has basically the same concept – cat chases mouse, mouse outsmarts cat, lots of violence (clubbing, hitting, smacking, pain in general). This is the jest of Tom and Jerry, and yet it never fails to keep one’s attention.

Those who enjoy Tom and Jerry will not be disappointed with this volume of 14 tickle-your-funny bone cartoon episodes. Included and originally created and released by the famed William Hanna and Joseph Barbara during the time period of 1944 – 1951, are "Sufferin’ Cats!", "Baby Puss", "The Million Dollar Cat" (one of my favorites, by the way), "The Bodyguard", "Flirty Bird", "Cue Ball Cat", "The Invisible Mouse", "Mouse Troubles", "Quiet Please!", "Heavenly Puss", "Jerry’s Cousin", "Cat Fishin‘ ", and "Jerry and the Goldfish". Total running time is 102 fun-filled minutes of outrageous Tom and Jerry fun.

Created by Hanna-Barbara, Tom and Jerry was first released, theatrically, in 1940. From that point, this hard to forget cartoon short series managed to win seven Academy Awards for Best Short Subject – no easy feat. Nor is it easy to have survived through all these years and time passing, while still remaining in many hearts of fans and gathering many more fans, as time goes by.

I can easily remember sitting happily in front of that big console TV, back in the 70s and early 80s, totally engrossed in what antics and tricks Tom was going to use to try and capture Jerry, only to end up defeated in the end. What a delightful treat it is to now be able to sit back with my kids and share with them the same episodes. My 7-year-old has loved Tom and Jerry for over a year now and this DVD collection, Tom and Jerry’s Greatest Chases Vol. 2, is no exception. Together, we have watched the DVD, laughing, chuckling and giving our own commentary of what was taking place on the screen. I know that my soon-to-be 3-year-old is going to be another huge fan of this outrageous duo, and I greatly look forward to sharing this cartoon event with him also.

I do have to admit that, as a parent, the first couple of times I watched Tom and Jerry, I was a little alarmed by the violence, then I remembered how, as a young child, I never even thought twice about this aspect of the shorts. I just laughed and thought Tom and Jerry were incredible goofy. It is hard to sometimes step back as a parent and realize that children don’t take things as literally or as alarmingly, as an adult does. This is the blessing of innocence. The reason that I wanted to add in that little tidbit is that I know in today’s society there is a bit of hesitance and alarm about what children watch. I don’t disagree with this, but I truly feel that Tom and Jerry is all in fun and has been enjoyed by generations and will be enjoyed by future generations to come. Tom and Jerry’s Greatest Chases Vol. 2 will be a favorite at our house for years to come, as I am sure it will be in many households!

5/5 rating

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