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DVD Review: Tom and Jerry Tricks and Treats

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With the fall season just beginning, a lot of places are taking advantage with the use of consumer targeting. Stores show displays with red, yellow, and orange highlights. The idea is to remind folks of the leaf changes outside if one cares to look up. Cider and hot chocolate will give a boost to purchases made i grocery stores.

A few enterprising souls slip the notion of holiday themes into the mix. Warner Brothers takes the idea and runs with it by putting Tom and Jerry in a DVD collection called Tom and Jerry Tricks and Treats. Twenty cartoons plus two bonus features make this a mountain of memories. Tom the Cat and Jerry the Mouse are entertainment on their own, but their adventures just would not be the same without others along for the ride.

Longtime fans will recognize Spike the Bulldog, who makes for a formidable opponent, and Butch, a mangy black cat who causes nothing but trouble.
While not all cartoons contain the Halloween theme, there is plenty to enjoy just the same. In fact, one could easily pop in this DVD and not stop the action until the very end. I should point out, however, running the entire DVD nonstop means close to a three-hour long project. Details can be found on the Warner Bros. official site for the DVD.

“Monster Con” is downright clever in its focus and detail. As the title suggests, every possible monster will gather in one spot for a convention. No wonder Van Helsing shows up. Count Dracula is handling check-ins, and a certain mummy is not who he appears. Even Casper the Friendly Ghost makes a cameo appearance. Tom and Jerry’s chase bring out the true character, which is a huge smile indeucder.

“Touche Pussycat” is a classic, without the Halloween theme. A baby mouse with a cute little white diaper (not to mention a perfect French accent) shows up at Jerry’s so he can be trained as a Mouseketeer. Tom acts as one of the royal guards. The sword fights add all sorts of clangs to the action.

“Which Witch” throws crones into the mix. Tom and Jerry get caught in their feud. In hilarious fashion, naturally. This is the third time a witch is part of the storyline. Nothing too scary, but watching at night might not help. You’ll have to decide for yourself.

“The Itch” goes back towards the medieval period with a town festival of sorts. Our two min characters now contend with rats for a turn at the spotlight. Relieving said itch brings out similarities to the Pied Piper.

“Power Tom” has a superhero angle involved. Villains are out and require nabbing. A secret identity gives a nice twist at the end.

“Invasion of the Body Slammers” is a clear parody of a certain cult classic. Clones and body switching will have viewers eagerly waiting to see just what happens next.

All in all, old and young alike should find at least one thing to enjoy about the DVD. It’s the perfect way to spend a snow day off from school, or a relaxing evening by the fire. There are clips from this DVD on YouTube. “The Itch” is definitely one of them.

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