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DVD Review: Tom and Jerry: Fur Flying Adventures Volume 2

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Tom and Jerry, that fun-loving cat and mouse duo, are back in Tom and Jerry: Fur Flying Adventures, Volume 2. The dynamic twosome should keep you giggling in fits of laughter as we follow them through 14 of the wackiest cartoons available on DVD.

Episodes included on this disk include:

“Tops With Pops” (1957) Tom unwittingly grabs Tyke, Spike’s young son, and now Spike wants Tom to pay.  Jerry takes advantage of Spike’s wrath at Tom and tries to manipulate Tom’s demise. 

“Monster Con” (2007) Van Helsing, Tom and Jerry head off to a monster convention where they interact with vampires, werewolves, and ghosts. Van Helsing has misplaced his silver bullets and Tom is bitten in his attempt to capture Jerry.  Whatever is a cat to do?

“Tom and Jerry in the Hollywood Bowl” (1950) Tom and Jerry conduct a symphony with their own personal style as each tries to outdo the other in this musical frolic of fun.

“Of Feline Bondage” (1965) The fur really flies in this caper as both Tom and Jerry use the materials located within a pool hall to hog-tie and outwit the other.

“Saturday Evening Puss” (1950) Mammy is off to her bridge club and Tom is going to throw a party, but Jerry has other plans to thwart Tom’s fun.

“The A-Tom-inable Snowman” (1966) Tom and Jerry are in a log cabin located in the Swiss Alps. Tom has almost captured Jerry as they cascade down the side of a mountain and only a St. Bernard can save the day.

“Surf-Bored Cat” (1967) Tom and Jerry are sailing on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. After many mishaps while trying to surf, Tom comes to realize that surfing is surfing and he shall take it any way he can.

“Snowbody Loves Me” (1964) Mischief reigns in the Swiss Alps and Tom finally has the upper-hand; however, an attack of his conscience gives Tom pause to change his course of actions and save Jerry’s life.

“Duel Personality” (1966) Jerry has challenged Tom to a duel and after using guns, cannons, swords, slingshots, and archery, the two determine who has the upper hand, and the chase is on!

“Is There A Doctor in the Mouse?” (1964) Jerry is experimenting with scientific potions and becomes super fast and really big.  All Tom can do is cry!

“Haunted Mouse” (1965) A magician has come to visit Jerry and after his hat falls off his head, and a rabbit pops out, Tom wishes he never tried to spy on Jerry and his guest.

“The Declaration of Independence” (2007)  In this episode, Tom is the cat of Thomas Jefferson and has just purloined the paper that Jefferson was writing, folds it into a paper plane, and sends Jerry on his way! Now, Tom has to get that paper back to save the day!

“Kitty Hawked” (2007)  A museum tour mouse explains how the Wright Brothers invented the airplane as Tom puts on the chase.

“Which Witch!” (2007) Tom is the familiar of a witch and finds himself dodging her magic as he and Jerry try to bring havoc to each others’ lives.


Each of these wild and wacky tales will have you shaking your head at their incredible antics! Tom, plays his loveable cranky self, Jerry, as his adorable mouse sidekick, and Spike, a dog with pounce. And he loves to pounce Tom.

Each of these tales will leave you delightfully wanting more, and the children will love their hijinks and animated capers. With almost 99 minutes of fur-flying fun, how can you go wrong?

The transfer quality of each of these episodes depends on the particular cartoon being rendered. Some of them upgraded admirably while a few still retain their grainy look, giving the cartoons a retro feel. As well, you will find a mixed combination of their older cartoons, alongside some of their more recents shorts, giving the viewer a well-rounded blend of the Tom and Jerry legacy that we have come to enjoy and love.

There are no extras on this DVD and that was a bit disappointing. A few behind-the-scenes look into the creation of Tom & Jerry would have been a definite bonus. All in all though, you and your children will love to watch this video; it is definitely one to add to your video libraries!

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