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DVD Review: Three Sheets, Complete Seasons 1-3

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Zane Lamprey travels all over the world, drinks exotic alcohol, and experiments with bizarre local hangover remedies in Three Sheets Seasons 1-3 on DVD October 27.

The premise of Three Sheets is simple: Lamprey arrives at a destination and embraces the local drinking culture. Along the way he encounters some memorable characters (some of these have even become running gags on the show; see Logan the Beerhunter and Jim the Cop). Lamprey is often assisted in his alcoholic endeavors with local bartenders or brewers who really offer a sense of authenticity to the production.

The show offers a lot of insight into the history and production of the various drinks as well. You might be surprised how much you learn after watching an episode of Three Sheets.

After Lamprey inevitably drinks to excess towards the end of every episode, he seeks out a cure to his hangover that is specific to whatever locale he is visiting. Some of these seem appealing (large, tasty looking breakfasts with exotic foods) while others seem like cruel punishments (disturbing blended beverages with Tobasco sauce and beer), but Lamprey dutifully partakes in the local customs, no matter how foreign (or counter productive) they may seem.

The show really works well because Lamprey is such an engaging host. His natural charisma makes viewers feel as if they are right there at the bar alongside him. He hams it up for the camera at every opportunity, but this is simply his comedic style, and it works for him.

Included in this set are 32 full episodes from the first three seasons in addition to outtakes and webisodes. The actual discs are the same ones that are available in the individual DVD releases of the seasons, so there are four different disc designs (Season 1, 2, 3 and a bonus features disc) on the seven discs included in the set. This purely aesthetic oversight may bother some organizational purists, but this is really a harmless issue.

Three Sheets is a show about drinking, and viewers are encouraged to drink right along with Lamprey. Rules for the Three Sheets drinking game have been clearly established and are readily available for anyone who seeks them. This show is best enjoyed with a group of friends who are prepared for a wild ride full of Lamprey’s antics, willing to match Lamprey drink for drink.

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