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DVD Review: Things We Lost In The Fire

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Things We Lost In The Fire is a touching and heartwarming film that shows how one family and group of friends deal with the tragic and sudden loss of one very important part of their lives. The film from Dreamworks is directed by Susanne Bier and stars Academy Award winners Halle Berry and Benicio Del Toro. David Duchovny also plays a major role in the film.

Berry plays Audrey, a woman dealing with the loss of her husband, played by Duchovny. Even with their small problems, the couple with their two children have a good and happy life — one that is cut short one day when the husband goes out and gets involved in an altercation between another couple. His being the good guy costs him his life. This leaves his family to recover, a task that is not so easy.

His best friend, Jerry, played here by Del Toro, has been a source of some of the problems the couple has faced over the years. Audrey doesn't understand how her husband maintains his relationship with Jerry, a drug addict, but her husband sees something in the other man. The two grew up together, and he supports his friend no matter what he does. Upon her husband's death, Audrey offers help to Jerry, allowing him to live in her home. This loss has been a force for great change in Jerry. It leads him to start changing his life, and he does his best to break his drug habit. Over time, we watch Audrey and Jerry deal with this huge loss in their lives and come together as good friends. We see that no matter what happens in life there is always some good to be found; you just have to learn to accept that good.

The DVD contains the movie itself with seven deleted scenes. There is also a featurette with a detailed look at the making of the film with commentary from the actors and the director herself as they all discuss the various aspects of the story behind the film and how it was made. This movie is a tear-jerker for sure. It has a slow, steady pace that might end up boring some, but I found myself watching this film from beginning to end, engrossed in the story. Halle Berry is a wonderful actress, and those surrounding her in this film complement her talent.

Duchovny and Berry make a believable couple, and when you see the way they are ripped apart by tragedy it only makes you sad. The way this film is structured has us going back and forth from present to past to show what life was like before, and how it is now. This drama is one that many will love to add to their collection, even if they aren't fans of the actors themselves. These actors make the story to be told here worth seeing.

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