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DVD Review: The World According to Miley Cyrus – An Unauthorized Story

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The rise to stardom and pop princess has been a fast one for a young Tennessee girl who goes by the name of Miley Cyrus. For Miley, it appears as though stardom was born and bred within the teen sensation since within her mother's womb. With the "one hit wonder" Billy Ray Cyrus as her father and the fact that one of country music's most famous voices and faces, Dolly Parton, is her godmother, is it any wonder that the girl knows a bit about music?  As though having an incredibly promising and talented voice isn't enough, Miley Cyrus also displays an exceptional talent for writing and acting, which is delightfully apparent in her recordings, her sitcom Hannah Montana, and her full-length movie, Hannah Montana: The Movie.

Through all of of this and the rapid rise of fame, it amazingly appears as though Miley is a fairly well-rounded individual who has, thus far, managed to escape that out-of-control phase that several young teen idols have gone through these past few years.  As a parent, this is a rather reassuring thing, knowing how easily young girls are affected by what they see and hear and how much they want to imitate those they idolize.

In this unauthorized story, The World According to Miley Cyrus, Miley is compared to a young Judy Garland. Though incredibly high praise, this just doesn't seem to ring true to me and seems a bit of an odd comparison. However, there is also mention of the similarities between Miley, on her sitcom Hannah Montana, and Lucille Ball. This seems, to me, an excellent comparison. I had never thought of these two as similar until it was mentioned in this video. They do share a delightful comedic talent that reaches out to grab the viewers and display some similar characteristics in their physical comedy.

This unauthorized DVD takes the fans and viewers into the world of Miley Cyrus. It tells of her ups (her hit TV series Hannah Montana) and her downs (her controversial picture in Vanity Fair), her romances, and the average, everyday fun she loves to partake in. This is a girl who openly admits to having the best of both worlds and realizing she has been blessed.

Also, throughout the video are clips of interviews with fellow Hannah Montana cast members, family, and friends. Through this film, the viewer is given a feeling for who Miley really is. She is incredibly talented in her ability to write, perform, and act and seems as though she truly can accomplish whatever she puts her heart, soul, mind, and hard work into.

I also believe that Miley is a great role model for young girls today. She seems to have virtues and truly cares about her fans and being a good influence. Yes, she's growing up and may make choices that all parents may not agree with, but she is only human, does make mistakes, and will learn from them just as we all do.

As the mother of a seven-year-old daughter who has enjoyed Miley's alter ego Hannah Montana for a couple of years now, we both enjoyed this DVD. It was fun, engaging, and showed that there is a real person behind all of those flashbulbs and glaring lights.

In addition to Miley's story, the DVD includes bonus snippets of peeks into the lives of singer-songwriter Chris Brown, actress Dakota Fanning, and the beloved Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens of High School Musical fame.

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  • bubba

    Is this DVD for sale somewhere? I haven’t seen it in stores.

  • Hi Bubba! This is actually released Sept. 29th, so in just a few days!