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DVD Review: The Wiggles Go Bananas!

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Are you ready for some wiggly waggly fun?! Then strap on your safari hat and plunge in with The Wiggles as they Go Bananas! This newest release to DVD, combines the delightfully silly fun of The Wiggles, the adorable and fuzziness of a wide variety of animals and the “can’t sit still” singing and dancing that The Wiggles are so widely known for. As an extra added bonus, Kylie Minogue dons her very own pink Wiggle shirt and sings a roving rendition of Monkey Man. Minogue makes the perfect addition to this vibrant and melodic foursome!

As a viewer of The Wiggles for many years – my oldest is seven and has been a Wiggle lover since she was two, and my now two-year-old son likes to jam along and “play” with The Wiggles – I must say that The Wiggles Go Bananas! is tons of fun, not only for the kids, but it won’t leave parents and adults cringing on the sidelines.

What an excellent way for children to get to know all about the different kinds of animals that inhabit and share our world with us. Not only does this video showcase such well known animals as monkeys, tigers, and koalas, but also a wide range of birds, a wombat, crocodile and so much more. The best thing about this DVD, in my opinion, is the fact that not only do the members of The Wiggles dress up as different animals, but they actually interact with and educate with fun filled facts on real live animals.

As Jeff, Murray, Anthony and Sam move and groove in the animal kingdom, so will your child, in their own make believe world as he/she learns, sings and enjoys the animal world with The Wiggles. Along with great visual fun, Go Bananas! offers 24 new and excitingly fun songs for your child to learn. I do have to warn that each song is just catchy enough that they will stick in your head or suddenly appear out of no where to visit your sensory buds, whether you like it or not.

Also included in The Wiggles Go Bananas! are the beloved characters of Captain Feathersword, Wags the Dog and that rose loving dinosaur, Dorothy. No Wiggle DVD would be complete without them, as they jump, dance and sing along with the rest of the gang.

Extra bonus features included on The Wiggles Go Bananas! are two Wiggle and Learn Episodes titled The Black Velvet Band and Let’s Get the Rhythm of the Feet, as well as a bonus Dorothy the Dinosaur Episode titled Vegetable Soup. There is also a great feature on safety around dogs that will reiterate the fact that even cute and furry things need to be addressed with caution.

All in all, The Wiggles Go Bananas! is tons of musical and educational fun that will catch the attention of even the most picky of toddlers and preschoolers. Not only that, but Mom and Dad will be tapping their foot along with the catchy grooves. One of my favorite things about The Wiggles and Go Bananas is no exception, is the fact that the musical numbers are so much fun and so plentiful that my kids and I simply can’t resist getting up and dancing around the room together, plopping down in giggles at the end of each song. I have great memories of this with my daughter when she was a toddler and now I have that with my son as well. I have to say that of all The Wiggles DVDs that we have watched and own, The Wiggles Go Bananas! is one of my favorites. The songs are out of this world fun and the added educational benefit and fun of the animals is excellent. Any child who loves animals, music, The Wiggles or just fun, educational silly fun will embrace this DVD whole-heartily.

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