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DVD Review: The Secret of Kells

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The Secret of Kells is the newest animated children’s movie from New Video’s Flatiron Film Company and was released on DVD and Blu-ray October 5, 2010. The Secret of Kells takes places in medieval Ireland. A master illuminator named Aidan arrives in Ireland at an abbey from foreign lands after all of his people are killed by Vikings.

A young boy, Brendan, who lives with his uncle in the abbey ventures into the dangerous forest outside of their abbey to find berries so Aidan can make ink. He needs ink in order to write in a special book that contains secret wisdom and special powers. Brendan is terrified of the dangerous forest but he ventures in anyway, and on his journey, he meets a fairy girl there who helps him find the berries he needs. Aisling, the fairy girl, guides him through a variety of challenges and helps him at least to overcome his fears. When Brendan gets back to the abbey, there’s an even bigger challenge there that he has to face. Will he have the strength and courage he needs to face this final challenge?

I really liked the animation in this movie. There is just something almost haunting about the way the artist portrays the forest and the fairy. You can almost see the fog swirling around the locked tower. The Vikings are portrayed only as shadows but he still manages to make them appear menacing. There are several Celtic songs in the movie as well that add to the magical appeal.

Exclusive features include: Notes from the Master Illuminators: Audio Commentary with the Director, Co-Director, and Art Director. Voices of Ireland: Voice Recording Sessions with Brendan Gleeson, Vean McGuire, Christen Mooney and Mick Lally. Director’s Presentation of Pre-Production Sketches and Inspirational Images. Pencil to Picture. Early Concept Trailer. Aisling at the Oscars: Theatrical trailer. The Secret of Kells is 75 minutes in length plus extras.

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