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DVD Review: The Ring: Collector’s Edition

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Kôji Suzuki’s novels have seen quite a bit of treatment to date. Starting in Japan in 1995, his work has been the source material for over 10 movies, Japanese and American. His most popular novel, Ringu, has been adapted into two feature films and used as the basis for multiple others.

On March 8th, Dreamworks finally gave director Gore Verbinski’s (Pirates of the Caribbean) version of The Ring the treatment it deserves by re-releasing the 2003 dvd with an accompanying disc that includes a new short film (Rings), two featurettes, and the cursed videos the Ring movies (Ringu, The Ring, The Ring 2) are based around. 

You can read my coverage of the short film Rings here.

The Ring (2002) follows journalist Rachel Keller as she uncovers the truth behind a mysterious videotape linked to the deaths of four teenagers. After watching the film and learning she has only seven days to live, Keller delves deeper into the curse, endangering those she loves as she uncovers its secrets.

The dvd 2-pack comes just in time for the theatrical release of The Ring 2, a continuation of Rachel Keller’s story, and includes a free pass to the film. 

Verbinski’s The Ring is one of the better horror films in recent memory; harboring creepier undertones than The Others, alluding the one-trick shtick a la The Sixth Sense (helping the rewatch value immensely), and actually improving on Hideo Nakata’s original film by providing a solid cast of three dimensional characters. While at times I did miss Nakata’s grainy aesthetics, Verbinski more than made up for it with engaging cinematography and arresting editing.

With the inclusions to the initial packaging, The Ring is a more than adequate addition to any collector’s library, horror fan or otherwise.

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