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DVD Review: The Real Ghostbusters – Volume 1

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The discs of Volume 1 are packed tightly in a very nice tin case and are accompanied by a booklet that describes each of the episodes and offers a bit of trivia about some, (such as, when Egon is inside the containment unit in the Christmas episode I mentioned earlier, ghosts that were caught in the previous twelve episodes can be spotted pursuing him).

According to the booklet, the episodes have been "meticulously gone through" and ordered according to what "best reflects the production and storyline continuity of the series." It's clearly evident without even needing to read that line that "meticulous" is a fantastic word to describe the treatment given to this great show in this fantastic DVD release. If you were ever a fan of The Real Ghostbusters as a kid or are intrigued about checking out the show for the first time today, this DVD set is a wonderful vehicle. Hands down, this set is a gem and should be in the collection of any fan of the Ghostbusters or '80s nostalgia.

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