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DVD Review: The Pixies Sell Out 2004

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Were the Pixies properly frozen for 11 years and thawed out especially for their reunion?

It sure seems like it. This is the Pixies in all their glory. Even Kim Deal thinks so. “We sound the same…only better.”

Somewhere between completely enthralling to listen to and a complete bore to watch (you have to admit, they aren’t exactly the most thrilling band to watch), The Pixies Sell Out takes you on the whirlwind journey of the bands 2004 reunion tour. The DVD features 27 Pixie classics including “Where Is My Mind”, “Gigantic”, “Here Comes Your Man” and “Monkey Gone To Heaven”. The main part of the program features the band’s performance at the Eurokeennes Festival in Belfort, France but also includes 14 bonus performances from around the world (Japan, Scotland, England, and various U.S. locations).

As a fan of the Pixies, it was good fun to be able to see one of the most influential bands of our time back together and on stage again. Their sound of surf-rock, punk noise, and classic pop mix with strangely perfect lyrics and, of course, the gorgeous and hauntingly beautiful voice of Kim Deal make for a timeless brand of music that most of us can’t get enough of.

The bonus material includes an option called “Mix Monkey’s Choice”, which allows you to choose from six different camera angles to view the “Monkey Gone to Heaven” performance. The bonus performances features the following 14 songs played in 7 different locations:

1. Caribou (Coachella 2004, Indio, California)
2. Here Comes Your Man (Move Festival, UK – July 2004)
3. Debaser (T In The Park, Scotland – May 2004)
4. Gigantic (Coachella 2004, Indio, California)
5. U-Mass (Lowell, MA – Dec. 2004)
6. Crackity Jones (Fuji Rock Festival, Japan – July 2004)
7. Nimrod’s Son/The Holiday Song (Fuji Rock Festival – July 2004)
8. Subbacultcha (Austin City Limits Festival – Sept. 2004)
9. Vamos (Austin City Limits Festival – Sept. 2004)
10. No. 13 Baby (Lowel, MA – Dec. 2004)
11. Planet of Sound (New Orleans Voodoo Festival – Oct. 2004)
12. Is She Weird? (Lowell, MA – Dec. 2004)
13. Into the White (Coachella 2004, Indio, California)
14. Where Is My Mind? (Move Festival, UK – July 2004)

The bonus material also offers bits and pieces of interviews with Richard Jones (tour manager) and Myles Mangino (production manager), as well as very brief footage of the band’s trip to Disneyworld and Thanksgiving celebrations. Not really anything to go crazy over, but a nice addition to this DVD. It would have been even nicer if they included some interviews with the band. Maybe next time?

The Pixies Sell Out is that priceless gem for every fan, young and old, who may have been on the bandwagon back in the 80’s or for that other generation of fans who joined a little late. Better than never, right?

Songs performed at the Eurokeennes Festival in France
Bone Machine
Wave of Mutilation
In Heaven
Something Against You
River Euphrates
Ed Is Dead
I Bleed
Monkey Gone To Heaven
Levitate Me
Gouge Away
Mr. Grieves
Crackity Jones
Broken Face
Isla De Encanta
Here Comes Your Man
The Holiday Song
Where Is My Mind?
Wave of Mutilation

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  • >Were the Pixies properly frozen for 11 years and thawed out especially for their reunion?

    If they were frozen they must have been feed a high carb / high fat diet.

  • kat ganja

    they dont do interviews….
    well, rare radio ones but nothing on camera…