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DVD Review: The House Of Elliot – The Complete Collection

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Normally I would breeze through a box set of DVDs in a weekend. When I received The House Of Elliot I thought the same thing, until I watched the first episode. Clear your calendar, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

I won't go into the elaborate details. I will say that The House Of Elliot series centers around Beatrice and Evangeline Elliot (Stella Gonet and Louise Lombard), two sisters in 1920s England who find themselves left without a penny after their rather wealthy father passes away. They attempt to find jobs to survive, but neither of them have suitable skills. Eventually, they discover that they both have a talent for fashion design and decide to create their own fashion house.

Since The E! Network canceled The Simple Life, perhaps Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie could be cast in a remake? Both of them are fashion whores and both of them have made disastrous decisions like the characters in this show. It would be more funny than anything else despite how bad the acting or writing would be in the American remake.

Plot twists, random characters and cliffhangers aside, there is a distinct difference in each of the three series of The House of Elliot.

The first series is, for a show about fashion, a tad more on the low-budget side. The second series is easily the best out of the three. With more money and tighter writing, The House Of Elliot easily could have been on longer than it was. However it appeared the standard set by the second series caused a kind of panic within the writers. By the third series, everything seemed to be dead. As a result, too many things were added in an attempt to make things more interesting. Coupled with the expense of the budget being more than the BBC was willing to deal with, the show ended on a cliffhanger (a rather tired one at that).

Because the plots get rather complicated, I would not suggest watching this all in one weekend. Make one weekend for Series One, another for Series Two, and another for Series Three. When you are finished I would suggest something happy to watch or do, it's just that draining.

If you are interested in useless trivia, you will find that Lombard isn't without work these days. She recently got herself a role on CSI (the original).

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  • I’m watching this one at the moment. I love it though. I think it’s really well done and I love the clothes. And I’m not even a fashion whore. LOL. I haven’t made it to the end but so far so good even if it is a bit of a pot boiler.

  • I love The House of Elliott, Writergal, FL USA

    Kudos to the ladies and gents who’ve given us THE HOUSE OF ELLIOTT. It’s excellent and well appreciated esp. since there’s so much trash on TV these days. From 1 – 10, I’d give it a 9. I love it!

  • Pixie Sweeney

    I really enjoyed the three series of House of Elliot but it left me thinking there would be more forthcoming! As I have just found out, there isn’t. Sad. Poor Tilly and Norman without a place to live and jobs!

  • KLH

    Wow, I was soooo disappointed to find there was no conclusion to the “House of Elliot”. It was a lot of fun to watch, I enjoyed the characters and I was interested to see where they would eventually end up. I think it would make a wonderful remake. Maybe Jennifer Ehle and Keira Knightley?