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DVD Review: The House of Eliott Complete Collection

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If you're looking for drama and romance with a period flair, then look no further than House of Eliott. This new collection features all three series of House of Eliott, which ran from 1991 to 1994. The series takes place in the 1920s and the period costumes are simply stunning. The series won a BAFTA TV Award in 1992 and an Emmy in 1994 for costume design – and watching it, you can see why.

In series one we meet Beatrice (Stella Gonet) and Evangeline Eliott (Louis Lombard) who live with their small-minded and controlling father. The two girls have lived a very sheltered life despite their struggle to go to school and experience the world. When their  father suddenly passes away the two girls are left penniless thanks to his extravagant ways, which he had succeeded in keeping secret for years.

Beatrice and Evangeline first have to fight to stay together since Evangeline is younger by 12 years and is still a minor in the eyes of the law. With their cousin Arthur (Peter Birch) managing their affairs and with an eye on Evangeline they forge ahead with their dream of opening their own fashion house. But before they can get their dream to become a reality they have to raise the money.

Beatrice takes a job as a receptionist for the dapper Jack Maddox (Aden Gillett) a famous photographer. His affairs are a mess and his office haphazard but soon Beatrice has changed all of that. With her iron fist and a wonderful head for business she has Jack eating out of the palm of her hand in no time despite a small romantic complications with Evangeline.

When the sisters finally get their business started with the help of the dashing Jack they move across the hall from his studio. While at first it starts out slow the quality of their dress designs builds a name for them quickly enough. With Evangeline doing the majority of the design work and Beatrice managing the money side of House of Eliot the sisters are soon attracting the attention of anyone who matters.

It seems as if there is always something happening in House of Eliott. Romance, wonderful happy moments, some very smart humor as well as jilted lovers, suicide, people gossiping, backstabbing, lies and liars. In short, everything you could possibly think of. Nothing short of great drama fills each scene and it makes for addictive TV.

This collection includes all 34 episodes, an exclusive interview with Louise Lombard who now is part of CSI, production notes, and a photo gallery. What makes House of Eliott so appealing? Just about everything. The characters and the actors who play them, the storylines no matter how complicated and twisted they become, and of course the gorgeous clothes. All three series are well done, each with thoughtful period detail. This is a collection I will be watching more than once.

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