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DVD Review: ‘The Hive: A Very Buzzbee Christmas’

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The Hive A Very Buzbee Christmas

Still from Postman Buzzbee

The Hive: A Very Buzzbee Christmas features 10 episodes as seen on Disney Junior, staring Buzzbee, a 5-year-old bumblebee learning to navigate the world as the middle child and only boy of the family. It was great to see the creators include other things you’d find around a garden as part of Buzzbee’s world; a ladybug teacher, a spider mailman, and a centipede mechanic.

The episodes are designed to teach preschooler the value of working together, showing compassion for others, and that holidays and traditions are a lot of fun. They’ll also learn that keeping a secret is important, telling the truth is best, exercising doesn’t have to be boring, and how to treat your siblings nice even if you’re upset with them.

The Hive A Very Buzbee Christmas

Still from Buzzbee and the Snowbee

Episode List

  1. “Postman Buzzbee”
  2. “Buzzbee the Magician”
  3. “Scooter Bee”
  4. “Pappa Gets Fit”
  5. “Buzzbee’s Secrets”
  6. “Lord Bartlebee and the Teddy Bee”
  7. “Festival of Light”
  8. “Babee’s First Christmas”
  9. “The Night Before Christmas”
  10. “Buzzbee and the Snowbee”

The title is a tad misleading since only three of the 10 episodes are Christmas-themed. Each episode is around eight minutes long, comparable to other preschool shows on the air today, and has a catchy theme song. The animation is bubbly, bright and colorful; a perfect mix for preschoolers.

The menu was kept simple and allows you to play all of the episodes, select an individual episode and choose the English, French or Spanish language track. The DVD offers a crisp picture independent of the viewing device we choose.

As with most preschool shows, The Hive also has an online area where parents can view and download special content for their preschooler such as coloring pages, recipes, and learning games.

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