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DVD Review: The Guild: Season Three

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The Guild is a popular online web series that follows a guild called The Knights of Good who play in an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). It is created by and stars Felicia Day (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, Dollhouse) as Cyd Sherman and her online character Codex.

The Knights of Good include Vork (Jeff Lewis), who is leader of the clan and is very detail-oriented and uptight; Clara (Robin Thorsen), a mom of three who would rather drink and play the game than be a parent to her toddlers; Bladezz (Vincent Caso) who is an obnoxious teen but a good player; Tinkerballa (Amy Okuda); and Zaboo (Sandeep Parikh).

Picking up after the disastrous party that ended season two, season three sees the Knights camped out in front of a GameStop to buy the expansion pack for the game. There they encounter the Axis of Anarchy, a rival guild led by Fawkes (Wil Wheaton). After falling to the Axis’ con and being forced to the back of the line, Vork resigns in shame and leaves Codex in charge of keeping the Guild together in the face of the Axis of Anarchy’s efforts to destroy them. The group was already in a delicate balance due to the events of “The Party;” Vork’s departure splinters the group and Tinkerballa quits the Knights to join the Axis and Clara is pressured by her husband to quit playing or lose her marriage.

Cyd then decides to have “open auditions” to fill Tink’s slot. The candidates are less than desirable, so the guild’s solution is to encourage Clara’s husband, Mr. Wiggly (Brett Sheridan), to join and take Tinkerballa’s slot in the guild. Mr. Wiggly is not a good player and more dissension in the group occurs. Can Cyd regain control and get her group back together?

The Guild: Season Three is packed with extras just like the previous releases. There are two commentaries, one with the cast and the other with the crew. The commentary with the cast is once again a big party and features all the member of the Knights of Good who provide their insights on the series. You can tell this group enjoys working together; the commentary does veer off onto various tangents and there are some bad jokes mixed in with a number of good ones, but this is an entertaining commentary. The second commentary has producer Kim Evey, director Sean Becker, and Felicia Day talking about filming, costumes, and scripts and gives more background and technical information; however both are worth listening to.

“Do You Want to Date My Avatar” is a music video featuring the members of The Knights of Good dressed up as their avatars from the game.

“Making of Do You Want to Date My Avatar” is a featurette that takes you behind the scenes to learn how Felica Day wrote the lyrics and created the music and costumes with some assistance.

“Halloween Video” features The Knights of Good as they go trick or treating in their costumes.

“Tips for Making a Web Video” features Felicia Day and the producers sharing how to create a web series. They tackle topics including how to finance the project and attract audiences and how to make the series look professional.

In “How to Build Vork’s Sword” Greg Aronowitz gives step-by-step instructions on how he made Vork’s sword and where to get the supplies. This was pretty cool in addition to being useful for those who would want a sword like this

“Interviews with the Axis of Anarchy” gives some insight and background about the Knights of Good’s nemesis, the Axis of Anarchy.

“Guild Applicant Rejects” features the full videos of applicants during the Knights of Good recruiting drive. What’s fun is that only one is made by an actor; the rest were submissions from fans of the series.

Also included is a gag reel and a PDF file of the script that you can read via a CD-ROM drive.

Season three builds upon the past two previous seasons and improves upon it. While the storyline is a bit over the top, most of what happens are only slight embellishments of what really occurs inside and outside of a game. Most characters in The Guild are anti-social and awkward, which is an accurate representation of many types of players you find in MMOs. Fans of MMOs will either see aspects of themselves or someone they know in the characters. But even non-MMO players will enjoy this series. And good news for fans of the series — the fourth season can currently be viewed online!

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