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DVD Review: The Girls Next Door – Season Five

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Hugh Hefner invites everyone back into the exclusive world of Playboy through the eyes of his three Playboy models turned girlfriends: Holly, Kendra, and Bridget. Experience the luxurious life of the legendary Hugh and his ladies as they attend lavish parties, go on exotic trips and coordinate gorgeous (and steamy) photo shoots while living in the famous Playboy mansion.

The fifth season focuses on several different plotlines.  Included amongst them are: Holly's special nationwide search of the perfect 55th Anniversary Playmate, Bridget's plans for a crazy Las Vegas wedding and her departure from the mansion to film a new series for the Travel Channel, and Kendra's participation in the world's sexiest softball game while also preparing for her own departure from the Playboy universe.  This season, like previous ones, also features several celebrity appearances, including Anna Faris, Pamela Anderson, Stacy Burke, and Karissa and Kristina Shannon, two of Hugh's next girlfriends.

The most dramatic and emotional season so far, the fifth season of The Girls Next Door marks the final season to feature Hugh's original Girls Next Door girlfriends. At the end of the season, we get to see the actual departure of Bridget and Kendra, while number one girlfriend Holly didn't get a televised breakup -but she does allude to her impending breakup with Hugh.

The special features on this DVD set include a collection of features called "The Big Easy Does It," "Scubba, Scubba, Do!" and "Third Time's the Charming," which further document the lives and crazy happenings around the girls.  There is also some absolutely hilarious commentary for each episode provided by Holly, Bridget, and Kendra. There are even deleted and bonus scenes that are just as amazing and ridiculous as the series itself.

I'm not really sure what it is about these girls that we love so much. Could it be because we envy them? Do the lives of these women appeal to some fantasy that we have? Do we enjoy seeing behind-the-scenes of Playboy? Or do we just like laughing at how utterly ridiculous these girls are?

While at times emotional and heartfelt, The Girls Next Door – Season Five marks the end of an era for the series and for Playboy. While this show is completely mindless entertainment, it is hilarious and Holly, Bridget, and Kendra will be missed. The series will still continue for at least another season, and the change in leading ladies could bring a fresh face to it — or destroy it completely.  Only time will tell.

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