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DVD Review: The Gamers To Players Guitar DVD Documentary Plus 40 Bonus Lessons

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Are you a big fan of the Guitar Hero video game series? Have you ever wondered if you could learn how to play a real electric guitar with solely your video game prowess? The Gamers To Players Guitar DVD Documentary is one of the most interesting products released to the market in a while, as it helps newbies and veterans of the popular video game learn how to play the real thing.

The goal of this DVD documentary is to show the differences between playing the Guitar Hero video game and playing an actual guitar, and it does a fine job at clearly explaining the differences. The video opens up by showing basic differences and cutting back and forth between the Guitar Hero video game and a person playing a real electric guitar. For those who have never seen the Guitar Hero video game (admittedly, a very rare thing in this day and age), the documentary also explains how the video game is played.

One of the biggest assets of this documentary is the sheer quantity of lessons. The lessons are plentiful and fairly comprehensive. In each lesson, finger placement is clear to the viewer. Multiple up-close shots of fingerings will allow viewers to see how the fingers move and are placed on the strings.

The documentary moves through several quick lessons with the electric guitar, and at times, it felt like it was moving a bit too quickly. For those who want to follow along with the documentary on an electric guitar, it could be hard to keep up with so much information being offered at one time. Sure, you could use the pause button on your DVD remote, but this can quickly become inconvenient and annoying.

Bonuses on this disc include bonus lessons, a guitar tuner, still images of guitars, and an explanation/sound of pedals for guitars. All in all, the bonuses are not the strongest point of this disc, and feel a bit rushed. The bonus lessons are nice for those who strive to learn more, however.

All in all, The Gamers To Players Guitar DVD Documentary is a solid investment if you are looking to pursue the real life electric guitar. Though there is a lot of great content included on the disc, it still seems incredibly difficult to actually learn to play from the disc alone. In conjunction with this disc, private lessons for the electric guitar seem more likely to ensure success on the popular instrument.

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