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DVD Review: The Flintstones – The Complete Sixth Season

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What can be said about one of the best cartoons ever created in the history of television? The Flintstones was a groundbreaking cartoon developed by Hanna-Barbera, which aired on primetime television for six seasons from 1960 to 1966. The Flintstones was the longest running series on primetime until the record was broken by The Simpsons television show, which first aired in 1989.

The Flintstones – The Complete Sixth Season is now available on DVD through Warner Brothers Entertainment. Season Six was the last season of the series, and though it is sad to think that The Flintstones series ended with this DVD (minus any movies or spin-off series) each episode has you laughing to the very end.

By the time you get through to episode 26, “The Story of Rocky’s Raiders,” you can't help but feel nostalgic because your time has been well-spent. Your old friends, Fred, Barney, Wilma, and Betty have grown with you. You can relate to Fred as a gruff bear that has a teddy bear core. Barney, the comic relief, is the same Barney we know and love. He has always been and continues to be duped into any plan ol’ Freddy has. Meanwhile, Betty & Wilma have turned into the voices of reason, much more willing to share their thoughts and opinions with their husbands.

Through The Flintstones, we saw a reflection of life at the time in which it was written. Many, if not all, of these life lessons still apply to today. We still have crazy fads that pass through pop culture. We still swoon over famous celebrities and dream of the high life we could live as a world famous actor, singer, etc.

Just like The Flintstones, we who live in suburbia understand what its like to work for a boss who doesn’t seem to care about anything but his paycheck. We have have overbearing pets and can understand the joy a child can bring making those moments that seem depressing or bad that much brighter with them in our lives.

The Flintstones – The Complete Sixth Season is filled with many exciting episodes, for anyone of any age to enjoy, as well as the introduction of everyone’s favorite green space alien, the Great Gazoo. One of the most memorable episodes of the entire series is episode 6.1, “No Biz Like Show Biz.” In this episode, Pebbles and Bam-Bam become rock stars thanks to their newfound ability to sing, even though they cannot even talk yet! However, the celebrity life leaves much to be desired for Fred and Barney as their wives and children are whisked off from concert hall to concert hall with little more than a kiss for the boys between appearances.

My favorite episode, “Shinrock-a-Go-Go,” episode 6.12, and my eleven-year-old son’s favorite episode, “The Great Gazoo,” episode 6.7 are included on disc 2 in this four-disc set. Dominick, my boyfriend, liked way too many to mention all his favorites though he was rather fond of, “The Return of Stoney Curtis,” episode 6.3 and “The Masquerade Party,” episode 6.11 and considers them his top two choices for this season.

In “Shinrock-a-Go-Go,” Fred and Barney head down to the television station to pick up tickets to Wilma and Betty’s favorite dance show. While they are there, Barney drops his bowling ball on Fred’s foot causing him to hop around and create a new dance called the Frantic. This dance is seen by the host of the dance show, Jimmy O’Neillstone. He is so impressed with Fred he asks him to come down to his club and create the newest dance move sensation in its worldwide debut.

In “The Return of Stoney Curtis,” Stoney Curtis, voiced by 1960’s heartthrob Tony Curtis, is shooting a new movie, in which he plays a slave, in Bedrock. Betty and Wilma head down to the studio to try to see Stoney, and when they do they have the chance to enter a contest where Stoney Curtis is your slave for a day. Fred and Wilma win and Fred tries his best to prove the likeable Stoney Curtis is actually a Hollywood snoot.

In “The Great Gazoo,” the audience is introduced to Gazoo. He is a haughty, intelligent, smart-mouthed green space alien who has been banished from his home planet, Zetox, and sent back in time to learn his lesson. He must serve the two who find him (and the only ones who can see him other than children and animals) Fred and Barney. Gazoo is not very thrilled to be stuck with these dumdums and though my family enjoyed Gazoos presence, many people are not as fond of the little green companion, citing him as a major distraction throughout the season.

In “The Masquerade Party,” the town is filled with panic and horror at the thought of “Wayouts” coming down from space and invading Bedrock. Unfortunately, Fred is unknowingly going to his annual Water Buffalo Masquerade as a space alien and many think he is a wayout! The Wayouts turn out to be the new hit band in Bedrock, and though things get off to a rocky start, they end the show with a great performance!

The Flintstones –The Complete Sixth Season contains a few special features. There is a short documentary on the Great Gazoo called “The Great Gazoo from A to Zetox,” and there are trailers for other great cartoon DVD’s by Warner Brothers (including Scooby Doo and other seasons of The Flintstones).

There is also a special presentation by Stephen Baldwin, who was Barney in the Flintstone’s movie, Viva Rock Vegas. This presentation discusses the influence of pop culture on the Flintstones episodes. Season six is full of such references including the episode “Samantha,” with Samantha and Darrin from Bewitched stopping by in Bedrock, “The Return of Stoney Curtis”, the Band the Beau Brummelstones (played by the Beau Brummels), and the Wayouts in “The Masquerade Party.”

The Flintstones found a way to discuss life in a non-threatening, eye-opening way. The reflection of pop culture and its influence on the show is part of what made it so popular. Though The Flintstones –The Complete Sixth Season is the last of the series episode discs that will be available, this Stone Age family has found a place in infamy. With this DVD set, The Flintstones truly can live on throughout history as new generations watch and enjoy all of the episodes presented on this four-disc set.

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