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DVD Review: The Film Crew – Wild Women of Wongo

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Wild Women of Wongo is your standard Z-movie fare. Mother Earth and Father Time get together for an experiment with cro-mag man. Put all the attractive women on the isle of Wongo with unattractive, brutish men; put the hunks on an island with beastly women. But when a handsome man finds his way onto Wongo, the girls go ga-ga and chaos ensues.

Not terribly complex or profound, my attention waned significantly while watching this film, but The Wild Women of Wongo is not the main attraction here. Good thing, because the film is ridiculously dull. No, this DVD is a showcase for The Film Crew.

The Film Crew is the new incarnation of the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 group. Bill Corbett, Michael J. Nelson, and Kevin Murphy have returned to try to breathe new life into old crap. Instead of being set in space, the crew appears to be in an Arctic research station. I am glad to see that the Crew is not silhouetted for this film, as they were during the MST3K series.

I was never a fan of Mystery Science Theatre 3000. I love bad movies, but some movies are just too bad to be fun. MST3K often chose these worse-than-bad movies, and the commentary was never enough to keep me tuned in for an entire feature. The Film Crew’s Wild Women of Wongo suffers the same problem. Though I haven’t seen MST3k since it originally aired, I seem to remember it being a lot funnier than The Film Crew. I cracked a couple smiles (like when the female tribe leader, in her animal skin dress, stands before her tribe, and throws her arms up in the air, and the Crew calls out “I’m not wearing any underwear!”) but for the most part, their commentary was not lively enough to make up for the really boring movie. There were lots of long pauses in the commentary but the sound mix was so off that you couldn’t comfortably listen to both tracks without a lot of volume jockeying.

Some movies are so bad they were meant to remain buried. Wild Women of Wongo is one of those films. Even a snarky commentary track can’t save it.

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