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DVD Review: The Essential CUMA RAM Tactical Pen

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This is a review of Waysun Johnny Tsai’s The Essential CUMA RAM Tactical Pen DVD. Master Tsai currently serves as chief instructor in North America for the Tsai Family Shaolin Chuan Fa Kung Fu System. This DVD accompanies the purchase of CUMA RAM Tactical Pens.

The DVD starts with an explanation of how the CUMA RAM Tactical Pen is designed and manufactured. After this brief explanation the viewer is treated to “Tactical Pen 101” with Master Tsai. Included are the five ways to strike and also where to hit an attacker with the pen. There is also a brief section that showcases how women can defend themselves with the pen. Simply put: There is enough basic material here that will instruct anyone in the use of this defensive tool in an emergency. However, much is also lacking. For example, needed are such things like how to use the pen to escape common grabs or holds, and a lesson in basic pressure point targets would have been beneficial. Also, a brief lesson on how to punch, block, and escape with your pen might also have been a useful too.

After reviewing Master Tsai’s DVD series on the tactical pen, I was inspired to purchase a tactical pen from another manufacturer. Since then I have utilized Master Tsai’s DVD, along with my own martial arts experience, to learn tactical pen basics. Therefore, if you do purchase the CUMA RAM pen I would strongly encourage you to consider purchasing at least Volume I of Master Tsai’s DVD series. Doing so will give you the material that this partical DVD lacks.

A note about the CUMA RAM pen: The particular pen that I purchased cost approximately $25 and was purchased from a different manufacturer. I now carry it when I travel out of state to conferences. CUMA RAM Tactical Pens cost approximately $100. One would assume that this cost indicates superior quality. However, I have to be honest and state for the record that I cannot attest to their quality because I have not examined the CUMA RAM product. This having been noted, I can speak to one feature that my tactical pen lacks: the lanyard. CUMA RAM pens have a lanyard that attaches to a quick release clip. This allows you to hang the pen around your neck or from a rearview mirror. The advantage to this is obvious: You can instantly yank on the pen and release it from the clip, thereby giving you a handy self-defense tool for emergency situations. In contrast, the only places I can carry my pen are in a breast or pants pocket.

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