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DVD Review: The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation

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Zeus is back and is ready to save Christmas again in The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation, the sequel to The Dog Who Saved Christmas now available on DVD. 


Zeus (voice of Mario Lopez) and his family the Bannisters are headed to a snow filled vacation at a posh mountain resort, hoping to get some real quality family time. Everything seems fantastic until an uninvited guest (Casper Van Dien) appears have beaten them to the the cabin. Father George(Gary Valentine) can’t stand the invasion of his brother-in-law, but Zeus is beyond happy, especially since Bella (voice of Paris Hilton) has come along for the ride. Bella is not impressed with Zeus at first, and he makes it his mission to win her heart.

Meanwhile two jewel thieves (Dean Cain, Joey Diaz) that had a run in with Zeus and the Bannisters last Christmas, are in town to steal the diamond necklace of a spoiled socialite London James(Carlson James.) They almost succeed, but in order to escape security, they hide the necklace in a dog collar bin, where is gets bought by, you guessed it, Zeus and the Bannisters. Will the thieves ruin Christmas, or can Zeus save the day once again and win the heart of Bella?

The movie itself is harmless and perfectly suited for younger viewers who will delight in hearing the dogs talk. There is some cute dialogue, and a couple of funny moments, but no real belly laughs. The voice cast is fine, with both Lopez and Hilton animating their voices enough to appeal to kids. Aside from Cain and Diaz, the live actors go through the motions, but the movie really belongs to the dogs.

The DVD extras are slim, and include an audio commentary, a look at how the voices were recorded for the characters of Zeus and Bella, and a blooper reel.

The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation is far from a holiday classic, but if you want something that will keep younger viewers entertained, you could do a lot worse.


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