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DVD Review: The Big Bang Theory – The Complete Second Season

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In recent times the geek has gone from being someone who gets ridiculed and picked on to someone very much in demand. The geek’s time has come and both movies and television have started portraying them in a positive light.

In 2007 CBS started airing The Big Bang Theory, a series from the fertile mind of Chuck Lorre (Dharma & Greg, 2 and Half Men). The show focuses on the lives of geek roommates Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Sheldon (Jim Parsons), two young physics geniuses and their nerdy circle of friends. Leonard is very smart and proud of that fact and happy also to be a geek, but he desperately longs to be "normal." Sheldon is also very smart and proud, but is insufferably arrogant about it. He ends up talking down to people because as he sees it, nobody is as smart as he is. 

Penny (Kaley Cuoco) moves in across the hall. She's very bubbly, friendly and open; Leonard is instantly smitten and wants to pursue her, while Sheldon views her as an intrusion into his carefully crafted schedule. Leonard and Sheldon's co-workers and friends are Howard and Rajnesh. Thanks to his intelligence Rajnesh (Kunal Nayyar) can do almost anything except talk to women. The only way he can talk to them is if he’s been drinking; because of his shyness and his inability to talk to the fairer sex he ends up sleeping with one of Penny’s friends because she mistakes his inability to have a conversation with her as his being a good listener.  Then there’s Howard (Simon Helberg) who is a mama's boy, still living at home, and convinced he's God's gift to the ladies. He's not.

That's the basic chemistry seen in The Big Bang Theory, the series primarily focuses on the four guys and Penny (who can be seen as Peter Pan’s Wendy to the Lost Boys) as they interact with each other and daily obstacles which are exacerbated by Sheldon and his idiosyncrasies like seating in the apartment, what theaters they can go see movies at and which ones are unacceptable and more.  Parsons is both infuriating and hysterical as Sheldon, playing the character to perfection, which is why he was nominated for an Emmy this year.  There’s also the developing relationship between Penny and Leonard who will finally get what he’s been after for two seasons starting in season three. The series also shows that no matter just how much smarter the guys might be than the average Joe, each is as ridiculously human as the rest of us with the same wants, desires and foibles, and has a fun theme song by Barenaked Ladies to boot!  


DVD extras include “Big Bang Theory: Physicist to the Stars” this featurette spotlights Dr. David Saltzberg who makes sure the terms and theories in the show are accurate. He also contributes to the scripts and discusses the science with the actors and makes sure the terms are able to be understood by those who don’t have degrees in science

“Testing the Infinite Hilarity Hypothesis …” here the actors and producers talk about the show itself and how their characters have changed over the course of the series so far.

There’s also a gag reel which is funny and shows flubs from scenes you would think would be difficult to get through, like Rock, Paper, Scissor, Spock and more. 

The Big Bang Theory is a fun show that showcases the better aspects of the geek lifestyle.  The series didn’t suffer the “sophomore slump” that some series fall into during their second season and was renewed for two more seasons, guaranteeing at least four seasons of geek-goodness.

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