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DVD Review: The Barry White Story

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The man who was responsible for increasing the birth rate during his reign on the top of the music world is the voice of a generation. Barry White's music is timeless, influencing and moving anyone and everyone who heard his unmistakable voice. With numerous hits and a healthy music career consisting of hundred of gold and platinum records and numerous awards, Barry White is truly legendary and will always be known as one of “The Maestro”.

His story is now available on DVD. I suggest you pick it up and learn something new about the world’s smoothest singer. The DVD focuses on his rise to fame, from his humble beginnings in South Central Los Angeles to the day he walked to Hollywood to pursue his dreams. He left his street ways, reformed his life, and dove into music with a passion. Soon he was producing the incredible Love Unlimited, and using his self-taught musical abilities, he began writing a string of beautiful hit records. This DVD captures this journey, interviewing those who where there with him on his ride.

While we all know his music and can think of at least three Barry White songs off the top of our head, many may not know the tragic end of The Maestro’s life. White had serious health issues late in his life, due to heart disease, high blood pressure, and finally kidney failure. The ensuing battle for White’s estate is discussed in detail, as White’s ex-wife and Love Unlimited singer Glodean James, speak to the camera. White’s children also give their views and ultimately tell the saddest story of all. In the end, the man who provided so much happiness and love for so many was denied any during his last days.

The Barry White Story is moving beyond words and celebrates his music of love while detailing his life. This DVD gives you both of his worlds. It also features live performances of White singing hits like "Let The Music Play", "Can't Get Enough Of Your Love Babe", "Never Gonna Give You Up," and much more. Get your copy ASAP!

Side note: A little research turned up this bit of news. The White estate won the palimony case against White's girlfriend and established the rights to White's music catalog of songs.


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List your favorite Barry White song in the comments below to show The Maestro some love! Mine is “I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little More”.

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  • Stareclipse

    He’s still Greatest composer of modern times…!!! Hope to see in Edem!))



  • tracy

    I grew up with the wallrus of love. I was probably the only 12 year old listening to his serenade. I’m now 39 and I beleive mankind lost something special when Barry passed. My love for the Maestro still grows ever stronger. I regret I never met him. Even my 3 year old son knows who Barry White is. To say I have one favorite of Barry’s is just not possible. I loved all of his music. but a few that come to mind are “Secret Garden, Loves serenade, and Sho’ you right”. Nobody did it like BW