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DVD review: Testament circa 1991

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Seen Between the lines
(Escapi Music)

Basically this is a DVD version of a video that was released in 1991 on VHS, it contains both live footage (from the ‘Souls in Black’ tour) and some pop promos from the band. This was the period were Testament went from being straight-ahead thrashers (ala Anthrax, Slayer et al) and headed towards a more prog metal style (something commented on by band members on the video). One of the first thrash bands of this type to do this, they paved the way for bands such as Anathema and Opeth to do a similar transition as the band-members got older and better musicians. The sound on the live music clips is fairly rubbish, especially when judged in 2005 standards. The videos are goofy, but neither of these things distracts from some great metal. As you would expect with sort of re-release there are added extras including the band at dinner and in Tokyo. Naturally you also get a discography, photos and the like. While not the most sophisticated packages to be released, its not a bad snapshot of Testament in the early 90s. And what is wrong with a little Bay-Area thrash nostalgia, now and again? Certainly beats listening to the last rubbish from either Metallica or Megadeth.

Rating: 3.5/5

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  • Didn’t even know this was coming out. I’ve always liked Testament, IMO they’ve gotten much heavier over the past 10 years. I may have to check this out.