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DVD Review: Tea Party: The Documentary Film

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It's subtitled "Liberty's March has a new Generation of Patriots" and it aims to explain the rise of the tea party movement. The DVD does not take sides in the various factions, but tries to explain through people's own words why Americans chose to rise at this particular time in history.

It is explained that the movement started with the various bailouts by the Bush administration. What truly kicked off the rallies was the famous Rick Santelli rant, which is featured in the film. Jenny Beth Martin, who is featured quite a bit in the movie, explains that that Twitter message summoned the first 20 people to the (in)famous conference call that started the first set of tea parties on the 27th of February 2009.

Commentators like Andrew Breitbart are on hand to explain the position of the elite to those who did not understand their visceral and vicious response to the rallies. There is a simple explanation of the 10th Amendment, an amendment which tea party types tend to go on about quite a bit.

The inclusion of a lesson on how a revolutionary re-enacter gets dressed seems a bit unnecessary. His fake English accent and trouble getting his seat-belt is laughably daft. The parts with the black gentleman trying to convince a rapper about the tea party movement is good and makes up for some of the sillier moments.

The movie is a visual history of the movement as it stands so far, mostly concentrating on those who were actually part of it rather than pundits, observers, and hangers-on.

This is a warts and all documentary on the movement. Some might argue that the producers might have edited some of the more foolish and cliched moments that play into tea party opponents' prejudices. The movie does go on a bit; it could have been at least 15 minutes shorter.

The definitive examination of the tea party movement has yet to be done.

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