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DVD Review: SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron

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SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron is a 5-DVD set that includes the entire SWAT Kats series. It was released on December 14 by Warner Bros.

SWAT Kats ran as an animated television series from 1993 through 1995. The episodes were directed by Robert Alvarez and written by a variety of different writers, and ran as part of The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera. There were a total of 25 episodes as well as a special episode called “Special Report: The Best of SWAT Kats.”

The series takes place in a made up city called Megakat City, where the characters are human-like giant felines called “kats.” The two main characters are Chance “T-Bone” Furlong and Jake “Razor” Clawson. T-Bone and Razor used to be Enforcers which are Megacity’s law enforcement group. The Enforcers group is led by a kat named Feral who is basically a political pawn and doesn’t know what he’s doing. The evil villain in this series is Dark Kat.

While T-Bone and Razor were trying to hunt down Dark Kat, Feral ordered the Enforcers to fall back and let him handle Dark Kat. T-Bone and Razor already had Dark Kat locked in as a target and disagreed with his order. Feral caused their jet to crash and Dark Kat got away. T-Bone and Razor were reassigned to work in the scrap yard to pay for the damage their jet crash caused.

T-Bone and Razor used parts scrounged from the scrap yard to build a fighter jet they call Turbokat. Using Turbokat, they patrol Megakat City and fight villains using SWAT Kats as their secret identities. They fight not only Dark Kat but other evil villains including mutants, robots and sorcerers. T-Bone is the larger of the two kats and is a pilot. He takes a lot of chances and tends to protect Razor who is smaller than he is. Razor is a mechanical genius and the smarter of the two SWAT Kats although more cautious. Each episode has them battling a different villain or group of villains.

Each episode stands alone and they can really be viewed in any order you’d like. Each lasts about 25 minutes. Season one (1993) contains 13 episodes and season two (1994) contains 12 episodes.

The extra, “A Special Report” aired in 1995. There’s no rating on the DVD but it does contain some violence so I probably wouldn’t watch it with kids easily affected by that. The level of violence is fairly typical for a superhero action cartoon. Both my 13-year-old and my husband enjoyed this one. This is really a great classic cartoon to add to your collection.

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