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DVD Review: Sunshine

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Sunshine is a 2007 science fiction movie from Fox Searchlight. Starring Rose Byrne, Cillian Murphy, and Chris Evans in an ensemble cast, the thriller is set in the year 2057 when the sun is dying. In order to save mankind, a group of eight is sent out in order to reignite the sun and save our planet.

This sounds like a relatively easy mission, but this is the second team sent out in order to complete the task. The first was sent out never to be heard from again. While in space, those on board the Icarus II hear the distress beacon from their long lost sister ship, and a plan is made to check for survivors and to find out what happened.

This is a mistake that leads to a possible complete mission failure. While maneuvering to another angle in order to travel to the first ship, a miscalculation causes damage to the ship. A space walk is undertaken in order to determine the extent of the damage, and the crew loses their captain. This is the first of many deaths during the movie. Once they reach the other ship, even more lives are lost, and the mission looks about ready to fail. Capa, played by Cillian Murphy, must survive in order to ensure the outcome needed to save the Earth from certain extinction.

Personally, I found this movie a bit slow and confusing at times. They have the science fiction covered, and there were a few thrills here and there, but this movie didn't have the feel of science fiction movies I am used to. This movie is, however, visually appealing. We have some great shots of outer space with the sun melting into oblivion, but some things just aren't explained enough for me. I found myself wanting to go back and rewatch some scenes because I kept asking myself questions. The cast other than the three I mentioned are mostly unknown to me, but those three are quite popular actors. Rose Byrne just won an award for her work in FX's Damages, and Chris Evans is best known as Johnny Storm in The Fantastic Four movies. The movie did have some good moments though, and they were enjoyable.

As for the DVD, it contains the film itself with some pretty cool bonus features added in. Along with deleted scenes, there are also two short films and web production diaries. The DVD is sure to be great for a fan of this movie, especially with the deleted scenes. I always love to watch those scenes that didn't quite make the cut because of time or other reasons. Sometimes they show some hidden message or give us another way to look at a character. Sunshine is one for hard core science fiction fans to add to their collection, even if the movie itself left this viewer just a bit on the cold side.

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  • Hey Regina, I’m with you here. Danny Boyle has a knack for creating some great visuals, but the pacing was slow, and the third act just killed whatever momentum the movie had going for it. It was nice to see Chris Evans in a more serious role, however, and the visuals really are something to behold. I just wish it shared the same brisk pacing as some of Boyle’s other films.