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DVD Review: Strawberry Shortcake: The Glimmerberry Ball Movie

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Berry Bitty City is alive and ready to party in Strawberry Shortcake: The Glimmerberry Ball Movie. Join Strawberry Shortcake and her favorite friends for a Winter celebration you won’t forget, full of fun, laughter and even some great life lessons too.

Each “episode” has it’s own lesson, but they all tie together to form one unified message: thinking about others before ourselves. From gift giving, to misunderstandings, and stepping in another’s shoes, the messages in Strawberry Shortcake: The Glimmerberry Ball Movie are a refreshing change from some of the current children’s programming.

In the spirit of the First Frost tradition, Strawberry and her friends choose their secret First Frost gift recipients. One gift in particular ends up circulating through almost everyone in Berry Bitty City only to come back to it’s original gift giver. It’s fun to see the different personalities of the Strawberry Shortcake bunch, how they wrap and deliver the gift to each of their secret giftees. I also like this “episode” because it explains meaningful gift giving and that giving a gift is about thinking about the other person and being selfless.

During decorating the perfect venue for the Glimmerberry Ball, Strawberry Shortcake’s friends encounter what they think to be thieves and set up a plan to trap the scoundrels only to find out it was all a big misunderstanding. Oops! After everything is cleared up, Strawberry and her friends have a rocking Glimmerberry Ball in their beautiful gowns, with great decorations and fun music.

Strawberry Shortcake: The Glimmerberry Ball Movie comes in a bright pink case with a fun mini-movie poster. Special features include a sing-along, read-along storybook and printable coloring pages.

Miss A loved to dance around the room to the fun and poppy music in this video. She repeats sayings from the girls in the movie, and now she wants to collect everything Strawberry Shortcake!

Strawberry Shortcake: The Glimmerberry Ball Movie is one of the few animated shows that I encourage my daughter to watch. I love the values, beautiful animation, and I have to admit I get a little nostalgic watching them myself, as a long time Strawberry Shortcake fan.


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