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DVD Review: Strawberry Shortcake: Berrywood Here We Come

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Strawberry Shortcake: Berrywood Here We Come is stealing the stage with two episodes on one DVD. Behind the flashing lights, the glitz and the glamour are lessons to be learned.

First up is, “It’s Lights, Camera, Action!” After reminiscing about her childhood, Strawberry Shortcake and the gang head to Berrywood to reunite with Limelight, a sassy and selfish movie star.

At first, the lifestyle of being a big movie star seems great to all of Strawberry’s friends, but the more they see Limelight turn down autographs, yell at the staff, and just have general disregard for others the more Strawberry and her friends realize that they need to help Limelight see herself in a new light.

This episode shows Limelight singing, “It’s All About Me,” confirming how she feels about herself, but finally in the end Strawberry, Orange Blossom, Lemon Meringue, and Ginger Snap get through to Limelight and help her to realize being nice to people makes you much more of a shining star.

Next up, is, “Hooray for Berrywood!” Strawberry and her friends decide they want to re-open a theater and make a movie, a pirate movie. Everything goes great until the costumes, set, and friendships are sabotaged. Through the struggles the girls learn it’s best to talk things through when there is a problem.

Through both of the episodes we learn that working together is important, and being selfish will only cause problems. I love that the episodes have lessons for my daughters to learn from, but unfortunately these messages are outweighed by the rest of the DVD’s content.

What bothers me about Strawberry Shortcake: Berrywood Here We Come is the way that the characters talk to each other and interact when things aren’t going right. Several moments in the DVD consist of characters putting others down, yelling at “friends,” and making mean accusations. I know the writers are trying to get their point across, and hoping the message will mean even more, but I’m not sure such abrasive talk and rude actions are necessary to complete that goal.

My three-and-a-half year old is at the age where she imitates a lot of what she sees and I do not want her talking or acting like the girls act.

Personally, I would not recommend this DVD because I don’t really feel like the lessons outweigh the negatives, plus the newer versions of Strawberry Shortcake are better animation and have more wholesome messages and talk.

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  • Dawn

    I too was amazed at how much negativity the movie portrayed. I miss the old cartoons! Yes, I know that comment dates me a bit but in those episodes the girls were always nice and thoughtful to each other.