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DVD Review: Strange Wilderness

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Strange Wilderness, a Happy Madison Production directed by Fred Wolf, was released on DVD on May 20th. The comedy starring Steve Zahn, Ashley Scott, Jonah Hill, and Justin Long takes us into the life of one screw-up, Peter Gaulke, as he tries to save his father’s television show following his death. Peter takes over production of the series, and there seems to be one problem after another once he does. The network drops him to the late late night line-up, and threatens to pull them off the air altogether if things don’t improve.

This is when Peter hears about Bigfoot. A sighting of the creature caught on tape and shown on the failing show might save them. However, they aren’t the only ones in search of the creature. A rival team is also looking for Bigfoot, so it becomes a race to see who can find the creature first. During the journey, there is one problem after another. Everything from a turkey that decided to get a bit too close to killer pygmies, but in the end they do find Bigfoot. However, something happens there that has to be seen for yourself. This movie is meant as a comedy, but I didn’t find myself laughing all that much during it. The humor was more idiotic than anything, and I found myself laughing only in a few places.

The DVD itself contains the movie, deleted scenes, and some more special features for those that enjoyed the movie. The film comes in just under ninety minutes, but to me it felt like it was much longer. The humor was more physical than anything, and that needs to be done well in order for the punch line to work. This movie just overdid it. This one I can see making a good rental, but I don’t know if I can recommend adding it to your collection.

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