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DVD Review: Skinny Bitch – Boot Camp

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I have many workout videos collecting dust in my home, mostly because they are either too complicated or just boring. Skinny Bitch – Boot Camp is no different.

In the introduction, both trainers try to be edgy and hip by regularly repeating the word "bitch" and other borderline profanities, when it really just comes off as fake and obnoxious. Rory Freedman, and to a lesser extent, Kim Barnouin, are annoying as hell. The constant banter between them throughout each workout is distracting enough, that if I were to ever watch this video again it would be with the volume off. I don't care about what they had for lunch, or their friend's astrological sign. The last thing I want to hear when working out, is a trainer telling me, "A girl always needs a backup" when suggesting to use a vibrator as a free weight. Yes, they really said that. The whole over-the-top "we are cool and can relate to all women" thing turned me off from this video more than anything.

Although this video claims to be for every woman "No matter where you are on your own 'Skinny Bitch' path" it would be quite difficult for a beginner. No introduction is offered for the fast-paced, complicated exercises most of the sections have. Being an out-of-shape beginner myself, I found it hard to keep up. By the time I figured out what they were doing, they had already moved on to another workout move. I also had to keep pausing the video to run and get a mat, or a can of soup to play the part of a weight because they don't tell you in advance that you will need them.

Overall, I'm sure this video would be fine for an advanced workout as long as you mute the volume. I personally, am not excited for anymore of their DVDs.

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  • I have a similar feeling (and review hitting Tuesday 1/6) about these workouts. However as an advanced video workout person who has reviewed over 150 workouts on video and DVD, this is not one for intermediate or advanced person– because it’s too basic. However that they provide little to no instruction on how to properly perform the exercises with correct body placement or core (“strong abs” doesn’t mean anything to someone who hasn’t grasped that concept) engagement.

    I don’t like the conversation. I found it demeaning. They certainly weren’t building up a sweat from working out– except they were repeating it alot for video.

    disappointing- just like the books

  • I’m glad I’m not the only one who found the ‘banter’ demeaning. I didn’t think the workout was that difficult, but it’s very good to read a different perspective.

  • Shannon Crouger

    Thanks for the comments 😀

    I guess it’s not a hard workout, I’m just *really* out of shape, but overall, a very bad dvd.

  • Shannon, it is a poorly done video. I have reviewed over 200 workout dvds/videos and I KNOW the fitness trainer who put this one together. They forgot some things in the process of this video– or as I found out from Warner Bros & Amazon, they sent the people reviewing the workouts, edited versions of the workout– so maybe they really did have a better warmup– and some explanation about body mechanics and ergonomics. If you weren’t impressed (as a person who doesn’t workout much) and I wasn’t impressed (as a person who works out a lot)– what does that tell you about the workout?
    We agree that it isn’t a good workout. However they do have some aerobic dancy type workouts coming– which I would like to see those. That’s typically Patrick Godeau’s specialty– and he’s been a fitness pro for many many years.
    I am sort of appalled that this one was so poorly constructed. It was great to see someone else’s review and have the same feeling.
    also that fact that they reversed the left to right – is typical of a quick budget conscious non-pro workout. The pros sometimes forget too because it’s just what they are doing. You just need to follow their movement and not their cueing.

    great job!

  • I linked to this page in my review so that people could see your opinion of the workout.

  • Susan

    I just tried out this DVD, and like others, I definitely did not enjoy it. I found it too easy and was certainly not working up a sweat. I also did not enjoy the conversation – the 2 women seemed to be focusing more on promoting themselves than leading a workout. I have several Patrick Goudreau videos and enjoy them. Too bad his name is associated with this DVD.

  • Alyssa

    The videos and the books are lame. These ladies really don’t seem to have much knowledge about the human body or, if they do, they don’t know how to communicate it. As a fitness professional, I find these videos embarrassing. If only they’d let Patrick Goudreau lead the workouts, and they stayed in the background!
    While veganism and working out will live on, I think the Skinny Bitches may be reaching the end of their 15 minutes.

  • Sara and Danielle

    After many months of doing Crossfit (crossfit.com) we found this video rather boring. It does not work you out compared to other routines and programs that are out there. If they would stop talking and focus more on their routine and actually instructing the viewer through the moves, it might be a little better. But other than that you are just jumping up and down and jogging in place while trying to understand what the hell they’r doing with soup cans in your hands. Which does nothing! By the way- where was the ten minute ab routine that is noted in the description of this DVD?

    So if you want to loose weight, build strength, stamina, or just get moving- check out something else bitches!!!

    *Some girls go to the gym…….
    really hot girls do crossfit.

  • Michelle

    Does anyone have any suggestion of “good” workout dvd’s???

  • Lauren

    Very disappointed…where was my 10 min ab work out? The main work out ends and she even says in the video to get your mat because its time for abs and then it goes straight into the cooldown? Is this how all of their dvd’s are or just some?

  • Ashley

    Lauren, I had the same problem. Waiting to do abs and then right to cool down. If you go back and flip through the chapters you’ll get to abs. It’s an all around bad workout DVD.

  • Lynn

    The worst workout I’ve ever done. The terrible instructions and super annoying banter annoyed me to no end. During one of the weights portions at the end, we worked (barely) one side of our bodies but not the other. They never told you what you were supposed to be doing next, which wouldn’t be so bad if you could follow along by watching them, but most of the time the cameraman was filming their faces instead of their bodies, so you couldn’t see what in the heck they were doing at all.

    My friend and I thought it might be a fun workout to do on days when we didn’t feel up too Insanity. Wrong! It was no fun at all. I barely worked up a sweat and most of that came from gritting my teeth in sheer annoyance listening to these girls yap instead of giving instructions. This DVD pissed me off! It’s 45 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

    This DVD is going in the Salvation Army donation bin, but it really should be going in the garbage. I hope the person who buys my slightly used copy gets a good bargain.

    I should say that I did get this on a rack of bargain DVDs at Walmart for $4.93, which would normally be a super-steal. Unfortunately, I think those Skinny Bitches should have had to pay me to take the damn thing.

    The Skinny Bitches suck!

  • J

    i thought it was hard 🙁 i just finished and my body aches! i guess i really am just that out of shape!

  • Liopleurodon

    I think you guys complain way too much and need to get a life, make your own exercise dvd and see how well you do. I do the warmup and 5×5 workouts every night before I go to bed and I sleep like a baby and wake up feeling wonderful. guess that’s all critics are here for though