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DVD Review: She’s The Man

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Comedies are created for many varied demographics. There are comedies intended for adults. Some are aimed at teens. Still others find favor with young children. She's the Man is a comedy so dull and predictable its makers could only have had fetuses in mind as their audience. No one any older will be even mildly amused.

Despite the rather high falutin' credit, "Inspired by the play Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare," the movie I was most frequently reminded of was 1985's Just One Of the Guys. As with that much funnier movie, She's the Man finds a high school girl attempting to gain the respect that her male classmates seem to be awarded so easily. When her twin brother Sebastian skips the country — without telling his parents — in order to perform in a British music festival (yeah, right), Viola (Amanda Bynes) decides to fill in for her brother at school.

The reason? She wants to join the boys' soccer team in order to prove that she is as good as them. Of course, she effortlessly convinces all concerned that she is Sebastian. Even Sebastian's friend and ex-girlfriend speak to her, face-to-face, without ever questioning.

Casting Amanda Bynes in the dual-role was a staggeringly poor choice. Ms Bynes, who somehow managed to convince a surprisingly large number of people she is actually funny, is not masculine in any way, shape, or form. While not exactly the most bodacious bod in Hollywood, she never manages to evoke anything remotely resembling a high school boy. In fact, the only boy she does look like is the kid who played Sly Stallone's son in Over the Top. Her voice remains feminine, even when she affects a bizarre accent – a mixture of deep south with Jamaican patois. For a movie like this to work, we need to be at least somewhat convinced we are watching a male actor. Bynes was simply not up to the task.

Even in the by-the-numbers attempts to display "girl power" and such, the movie is dismally uninspired. Of course Viola is able to wow her coach and teammates with her soccer prowess. Of course Viola, as Sebastian, develops a crush on her male roommate. Of course you will see every plot development coming a mile away. With a running time of 105 minutes, it's very odd that the filmmakers chose to include four or five montages, edited to blaring (but numbingly generic) pop-rock songs.

Why the padding? This movie would've seemed long had it clocked in at 80 minutes. The flimsy plotting doesn't justify the indulgent length. On a more positive note, the PG-13 rating is entirely appropriate as this film is basically family-friendly viewing. If anything, a plain old PG might have been more accurate. The filmmakers avoid the tasteless humor found in many of today's teen flicks (though frankly, some of that might have improved this movie).

By the way, Sebastian is portrayed by an actor named James Kirk. Had the screenwriter named the character Tiberius instead, it would have provided the movie with it's only moment of true wit.

As for the DVD itself, the movie is presented in anamorphically enhanced widescreen. The transfer is sharp and clean, as expected for a movie just released earlier this year. Soundtrack choices are Dolby Digital 5.1 or 2.0 surround.

The disc is loaded with a fairly impressive array of bonus features. There are two commentary tracks featuring cast and crew members, as well as a text commentary. A selection of approximately 11 minutes worth of deleted scenes is included, with optional commentary. There are three fairly informative featurettes dealing with the making of the film, its cast members, and the Shakespeare connection – they total just under a half hour combined. A variety of more minor features round out the supplements, including a not very funny gag reel.

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  • you suck, ya this movie wasent good but its ment to be one of those movies that you watch to laugh and dont question because their so stupid it wouldnt work any way you put it. of course their not going to make amanda bynes look like a man too much, shes a teen and wants to keep her sex appeal. speaking for many, we dont give a shit, we watch and laugh cause its not a serious movie.

  • Sup I thoght she’s the man was a great movie me and my dad loved it my favourite Part was when u got the goal when u were playing “SOCCER” i lov all you’re movies “Amanda Bynes”
    From TaMeEnA SaLeHi

    ya rock
    thanks ya

  • hi

  • grace politis

    i love everything.

    even my leg hair .

    and i shave my arms.

  • whatevvver

    wtf, who the fuck did thiss. ewwwww, as ifff. ewww…

  • chris

    great movie. nice to see something that is slapstick & innocent. Sherry you got it completely wrong! Amanda Bynes did an excellent job and showed great charm and acted some very memorable and endearing moments.