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DVD Review: Shaun the Sheep: Spring Shenanigans

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We are huge fans of anything related to Wallace and Gromit, including the movie, Chicken Run, so my husband and I were excited to introduce our kids to the same brand of humor in Shaun the Sheep: Spring Shenanigans.

Marketed for fans of all ages from 2-60, this truly is a show that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Since we have four kids from one to eight, we are always looking for something that will engage the youngest child without boring us to tears. Shaun the Sheep definitely fits the bill.

While five-minute shorts can be seen on the Disney Channel, full-length episodes are only available on DVD.  This DVD includes seven episodes that reveal the hilarious capers of Shaun, Bitzer, Shirley, Timmy and the Naughty Pigs next door.

In “Spring Lamb” Timmy tries to escape bath time.  Timmy makes an appearance again in “Supersize Timmy” in which he expands to giant proportions with a little help from some “Miracle-Grow.”  Bagpipes are mistaken for a sick emu in “Bagpipe Buddy.”  Pidsley the cat tricks the whole flock of sheep in “Cheetah Cheater.”  The whole flock goes crazy when the Farmer spends the night with them in the barn in “Lock Out.”  Chaos ensues when the flock hijacks a road line-painting machine in “Draw the Line” and when the Farmer’s glasses are broken in “Ewe’ve Been Framed.”

If you haven’t seen a Shaun the Sheep episode, you may not realize that there is little to no dialogue in the show.  The sheep “baa” and in many other ways communicate a variety of thoughts and emotions to each other and the viewer.  This is something that is good to be aware of ahead of time.  My kids are still not sure how they feel about the lack of spoken word.  I kind of like the idea of them using different skills to interpret and follow the storyline.  Things shouldn’t always be so easy for them, right? 

This DVD includes a bonus episode of “Timmy’s Plane” from the new preschool series Timmy Time.  Since Timmy is a favorite among the sheep with my kids, it is nice to see him get his own show.

Overall, this may not be my kids’ favorite DVD that they own, but my husband and I really enjoy this style of humor.

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