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DVD Review: School Days

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In School Days, HIT Entertainment has put together a delightful collection of preschool favorites. With such wonderful and well-loved characters as Barney, Thomas, Bob the Builder, Kipper, and Fireman Sam teaching meaningful lessons, what could make learning more fun?

Who hasn’t heard of Thomas and Friends? Very few, I would wager to guess. In this collection, Thomas is taught that jealousy is an emotion that is not very desirable. As Thomas learns that James gets the honor of pulling the team cars for another year, he becomes upset and decides to come up with a way to trick James so that Thomas himself would have this honor. However, after Thomas accomplishes his goal, he realizes that acting on jealousy only makes you feel worse and it is better to do what is right. This is a very important lesson and I am thrilled to see it included on School Days.

With Barney, children will delight in learning the importance of acceptance and making new friends. With the big purple dinosaur and loads of songs and dances, children will be up and bopping around the room right along with the TV gang.

Fifi and the Flowertots is one that I am not at all familiar with, since my children have never watched this particular show. However, I found the episode on this video to be adorable. This is claymation at its most entertaining with a wide variety of bugs, plants, and nature scenes. Fifi and her friends try to help Slugsy learn to fly with a few interesting results. My 7- and 2-year-olds seemed to enjoy this particular episode and I am sure that Fifi will be making more appearances in our home.

A very well-known face is Bob the Builder and his crew of helpers. This episode will catch many young children’s attention at Dizzy acts as a bus, leading a group of children to school. However, Dizzy has taken a few wrong turns, which leads him and the children on an adventure, while Bob and the rest of the gang help to right signs and find Dizzy. This is a very cute show and teaches the ability to make the most of situations and to take your time when doing any sort of project.

Playing fireman seems to be one of those imaginative things that nearly every child plays at some time or another. Fireman Sam is a delightful character to watch while at the same time helps to expand a child’s imagination. In this particular episode, a group of children prepare for a talent show when an act of carelessness causes rain to short out an amp and add a bit of fire to the situation.

Who doesn’t like a good game of hide and seek? In Kipper, Kipper teaches a little mouse the fine art of playing this game with results that are sure to bring out the giggles! Though a bit more simplistic by today’s animation standards, Kipper is a beloved dog and the cartoons are adorable and fun.

Also included on School Days is a bonus episode of Roary The Racing Car. Anyone who has watched and fallen in love with Pixar’s Cars will know the delight of vehicles talking, walking, and coming to life. Roary The Racing Car is no exception in its cuteness and appeal. In the bonus episode, Big Chris learns the fine art of flying. Be prepared for several outburst of laughter!

All of these episodes put together make for a delightful and fun collection of preschool entertainment for both parent and child. Older children will also enjoy the antics of these characters, making School Days a great hit for the 2 – 7 age range.

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