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DVD Review: Scare Tactics: Season 3, Part 1

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Hotter and funnier than ever, Scare Tactics is uncensored and raunchier than ever. Definitely not for the pure at heart or innocent of eyes, these mini skits of people getting the life scared out them, will bring morbid laughter pouring forth from many a viewer.

Whether your pleasure is watching an innocent woman going into hysterics as she watches, what she believes to be, the birth of Satan's very own son or the fact that on the first night of a new job, a young man discovers that his boss has put a worker through a wood chipper for being too nosy, there is something for everyone. Do be warned that there is much gore, inappropriate language and "goings on" that you will want to make sure that the young eyes of the house are safe and snug in their beds. Once that has happened, pop out the beer, peanuts and settle in for a bit of rip-roaring gruesome and outrageous adult humor and fun.

I do have to mention that, as a female, I have to say that I think the male aspect of society may enjoy this series a bit more, though that may often times not be the case, just my opinion. Many men seem to have a bit more of that "twisted humor" thing going on, than women, though again, my total opinion.  Comedian Tracy Morgan (30 Rock) does a fantastic job of hosting Scare Tactics and fits in perfectly as he intros into each new prank and wise-cracks about each outcome.

This brings us to the main attraction of Scare Tactics. Ever wanted to get back at a friend or know a deep seeded fear of theirs and think it would be hilarious to scare them until their underwear is permanently stained? Well, if so, then Scare Tactics: Season 3, Part 1 is just the place to carry out your mission. If watching as innocent people get the bejeezus scared out them and watching their live, raw and completely uncensored reaction is for you, than of Scare Tactics is perfect for you. This DVD has complete unedited clips that cannot be found anywhere else. You will be front and center as the show's victims curse, scream and share their true feelings, in a not so gentle and calm way, at the realization that they have, indeed, been horrifically pranked and left with guaranteed nightmares for weeks to come. In this aspect, I feel that Scare Tactics is truly unique and has a dark twist that will capture the curiosity of the most reluctant of viewer.

In addition to the uncensored version of the show's clips, viewers of this DVD will be treated to a couple of special features which includes those ever-hilarious bloopers, blunders and outtakes of Scare Tactics and, hold on to your hats, "Flesh Flash! Never-Before-Seen Extra Footage on 4 Episodes"  What more of an incentive is needed to check out Scare Tactics: Season 3, Part 1?!  None, I say!  So if dark humor is your game, be sure to check out this DVD for some guaranteed laughs and frightening fun!

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