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DVD Review: Saving Grace – The Final Season

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Saving Grace stars Holly Hunter as Grace Hanadarko, the drunk, slutty Oklahoma City police detective saved by God, and Leon Rippy as Earl, the last chance angel that is not only trying to lead Grace toward God but others in her life as well.

In season one, Grace was introduced to Earl and realized he was not a hallucination. During season two, Earl and Grace dealt with the execution of Leon Cooley, a man Grace ran down with her car.

Saving Grace: The Final Season, which premiered on TNT March 29, 2010 and was released to DVD on July 13, involves Grace dealing with not only the reality of her own death but also her final acceptance of God. Another angel is also introduced who tempts Grace to leave Earl by offering her whatever she wants. Ironically this was also Hitler’s last chance angel. Faith that Grace didn’t even know she had leads her to trust in Earl and ultimately God.

This season of Saving Grace is full of wonderful acting. Academy Award winner Holly Hunter (The Piano, Raising Arizona) portrays Grace as only she could. She takes you on a wild ride of emotions that will leave you in tears. Leon Rippy (Deadwood, Six Feet Under) is the type of angel everyone would want. He reveals every emotion through his eyes.

Laura San Giacomo (Pretty Woman, Quigley Down Under) plays Grace’s lifelong friend, criminologist Rhetta Rodriguez. As always, San Giacomo does a little crazy yet is completely sane and lovable. Hamilton “Ham” Dewey, portrayed by Kenny Johnson (The Shield, Cold Case), is not just Grace’s partner but also the love of her life. All I have to say about Johnson’s acting is I wished the man in my life showed half as much depth and emotion.

All in all I was pleasantly surprised as to how wonderful Saving Grace: The Final Season truly is. It’s a great mix of police cases (although not a typical procedural — Grace does her own thing), personal drama, and enough spiritualism. I will now have to go back and watch the first two seasons.

The DVD offers the standard extras that add little to the experience. While you can watch the 19 episodes in any order I would recommend watching them in order as some story lines continue from episode to episode and you may feel lost if you watch them out of order.

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