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DVD Review: Saving Grace: Season 2

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Oklahoma City detective Grace Hanadarko is never much of one for the straight-and-narrow. She is frequently forced to balance her personal issues with smoking, drinking, and sex with difficulties between her family and friends, her high-stress job in law enforcement — and not to mention her interactions with an angel named "Earl" who has been sent by God to convince Grace to turn away from her evil ways to God. Grace may be on the road to hell, but, with Earl's spiritual guidance, she may be able to save herself.

Saving Grace: Season 2 follows the continued adventures of Grace as she deals with her turbulent relationship with fellow detective Ham, her friends' Doug and Maggie's impending wedding, the ever-present fear of death for Grace's friend Leon, the day-to-day drama of working with homicides, the constantly lurking memory of the 1993 Oklahoma City bombing and of course, Grace's journey through faith. While just as intense as the first season, Season Two builds on the spiritual questions and character-centric stories that the series is known for.

The cast of Saving Grace is phenomenal, led by Holly Hunter's believable, relate-able performance as Grace. Other key performances include Leon Rippy (Earl) and Bokeem Woodbine (Leon), who have amazing intensity and chemistry on screen that make their semi-intellectual conversations about death, life and faith resonate with viewers and force them to reflect on their own lives. Kenny Johnson ("Ham") has perfect chemistry with Hunter and delivers a heartfelt performance as a passionate detective who must balance his odd, off-again, on-again physical relationship with Grace while still maintaning a certain level of professionalism.

While the plots of Saving Grace seem a little soap opera-like and can occasionally become diluted and slow-paced, each episode is packed with some of the most amazing character development and complex character relationships on television. While the plot can occasionally became inaccessible for me, the characters kept pulling me in and forcing me to keep watching on the edge of my seat just to see what would happen next in the crazy, dramatic world of these characters. The series ends with a bang that will leave viewers moved and emotionally drained.

This DVD set includes all 14 episodes from Season 2, in widescreen format. The set also includes two featurettes that document the many successes of Saving Grace — both on television and in the person lives of the actors — and a Hollywood-style wrap party where the cast reflects on the series' second season. While these features give an interesting look into the heart behind the drama, it just seems like there could have been more to it — maybe some episode commentary, more behind-the-scenes footage or even a few deleted or extended scenes that just didn't make the final cut. 

I also personally enjoyed the fact that this series is set in Oklahoma City rather than in New York, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, or one of the typical locations for cop dramas. Having this unique setting helped to bring something new to a seemingly worn out (and overdone) genre. 

Saving Grace: Season 2 is a great series for fans of character-driven dramas and cop-associated shows that have a little more depth to them than just figuring out who-dunnit. Each episode delivers a thrilling emotional ride that will stick with viewers long after they turn on the television

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