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DVD Review: Ron White – Behavioral Problems

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I've always run hot and cold on Ron White. But I've been a longtime fan of Jeff Foxworthy and Bill Engvall, so when the Blue Collar movies came out, I really enjoyed Ron, much more so than Larry the Cable Guy.

Ron's biggest asset is his delivery. He doesn't always have the funniest material, but he almost always makes the most of it. It also helps that he's established a very clear on-stage character that adds to the humor and gets the audience more involved; the cigar and glass of scotch are an indelible part of his image.

Unfortunately, Behavioral Problems isn't one of his best efforts. It might actually be his weakest. The main reason for this is that the excellent delivery isn't as spot-on as it usually is. He fumbles several jokes, and on at least three occasions says a completely random and unintentional word. He tries to get a laugh out of it, but it really drags the show down to see Ron miss like that. There were also two or three jokes that bombed, and while he does at least joke about the bombed jokes, it doesn't help much.

Even worse, I guess, is that his material here is as weak as anything I've seen him do. There are certainly some good moments, and a few laugh-out-loud howls, but they're few and far between. The best bits include: Ron's account of getting busted for drugs in Florida, his feud/lawsuit with Crown Paper products in Texas, and his encounter with an overzealous valet parking attendant. But there's nothing here to rival the famous "drunk in public" story from the first Blue Collar movie, or the story of his last honeymoon, told on DVD in You Can't Fix Stupid.

Ron's humor walks the line constantly, so we shouldn't be surprised when he crosses it. But it became uncomfortable even for me about halfway through. He started by giving his full and complete support to the troops and talking about his USO tours. Unfortunately, that descended into some quasi-racist remarks about Arabs, and he went of with a series of jokes about Mexico, which rubbed me the wrong way and weren't very funny to boot. It's taken for granted that Ron's audience is aimed at the blue collar/red state audience, but that makes it tough for me to laugh at him, since I'm not in favor of building a wall to keep out Mexicans.

In the end, though, Behavioral Problems offers some good laughs, but it's not really worth going out of your way for. I will say, however, that the DVD special features are hysterical, maybe even better than the main show. The features are four segments, about three to four minutes each, which were cut from the show for content reasons. They are quite funny, especially Ron's tale of a fourteen-foot tall bear, and his experience watching Brokeback Mountain.

This is good for the big Ron White fans, but for everybody else, you're not missing a whole lot. His funniest show is still You Can't Fix Stupid.

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  • Chris

    One of his funniest yet. Those looking for him to do the same old jokes might be disappointed but this new stuff is as funny as ever.