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DVD Review: RiffTrax – House On Haunted Hill

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The around-the-clock annoyance continues with yet another addition to the RiffTrax DVD collection. Oh well, at least you get a classic movie to fall back on.

The crew from Mystery Science Theater 3000 are up to their usual simple-minded routine, where their jokes are often immediate misfires (the occasional good joke arises out of the blue) and where annoyance overcomes the few and far between moments of enjoyment that the crew brings to the table. The ever so popular RiffTrax DVD commentary once again turns a classic into a middling affair. Why? Why take a good classic and ruin it? That's a question that needs to be directed to Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett of MST3K.

Six oblivious guests in desperate need of money are to put their nerves to the test after being offered a large sum of money to stay overnight at a haunted house. Given the choice to leave before midnight, the guests are acquainted with the rules of the party and must decide if they should stay and collect, or leave just as penniless as they were when they arrived.

Starring the late, great Vincent Price, House on Haunted Hill is a true classic and possesses the je ne sais quoi that Vincent Price brings to every film he is in, elevating it above and beyond any average haunted house motion picture,  past or present. Unfortunately, there are three guests who were not invited to the party and decide to crack jokes throughout the entirety of an engaging film with their seemingly ceaseless, habitual jokes that can only leave one irritated and, the very last thing you want to be when watching a movie — bored to death!

Much like the occasional group of deadbeats who shoot the breeze at the theater, making you want to chuck your beverages at them just to shut them up (only this time you don't even have that privilege), the crew of MST3K once again provide evidence as to why their show was canceled. Maybe next time they will make take a well-deserved shot, not assuming they will succeed, at ruining an M. Night Shyamalan film instead of a '50s horror classic. 

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