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DVD Review: Remembering 9/11

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Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “…a date that will live in infamy.” This quote refers to Roosevelt’s address to the nation about the bombing of Pearl Harbor. It was a horrible day in the history of our country, and a day many hoped we would never see again. It is sad that this quote extends yet again to another day, September 11th, 2001. A day when the United States was attacked once again, not by another nation, but by a terrorist organization known as Al-Qaeda.

On that day, many innocent lives were lost to a terrible act that will never leave the minds or hearts of those of us who were either present in New York on the day of the attacks, or those of us who sat at home watching in disbelief.

Remembering 9/11 is a well organized documentary, bringing us back to the day of these attacks. Following the time line and lives of people affected by the attacks, we get a new insight into that horrific day. Remembering 9/11 not only tells us what happens, but makes it personal by introducing us to people whose lives were affected.

I need a documentary to pull me in; and most fail to do that. Documentaries often make me feel like I’m in a classroom again and that’s why most are not enjoyable for me. Then once in awhile a documentary comes along, like Remembering 9/11, that can pull me in, presenting the material in a different than usual way. 

Remembering 9/11 is very informative, retelling the events of that fateful day back in 2001. What makes this documentary special for me is that it hits home in your heart. You get to meet people who were affected by the attacks. You get to know some who lost their lives in the attack. And the saddest part for me, you meet people who are sick and dying today as a result of the attacks. These are the people who rushed in to save lives without any regard for their own safety, still suffering from toxic fumes of the towers’ collapse.

The documentary well done, and I can easily see it being watched across the U.S., both in homes and in the classroom to educate those too young to clearly remember these events. As I sat watching the documentary, I felt as if I was being told a story with true meaning, not just a recap. Remembering 9/11 is a special documentary that you don’t simply watch; you become part it.  I highly recommend Remembering 9/11, released August 23rd by Inception Media Group.

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