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DVD Review: Prison Break – Season Four

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Prison Break returns for its fourth and final season, a season filled with the kind of high-octane action and wonderful characters that this show is known for. Prison Break is one of the best shows FOX has aired in a long time, and it was sad to see it go.

The season opens with Michael (Wentworth Miller) tracking down Mahone (William Fichtner), Whistler (Chris Vance), and Gretchen (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) to avenge the death of his beloved Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies). However, once he finds Gretchen, the truth isn't what it originally seemed. Partial secrets are revealed, and a mysterious new player appears.

Soon after, Michael and Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) are pursued by a Homeland Security agent, who wants to blackmail them into doing his dirty work for him. Michael and Lincoln agree to the agent's demands. The majority of the season then tells about the intricate operation they work on for the agent, and Michael and Lincoln's attempt to avoid being returned to prison.

The show slowly grows to a thrilling climax, where many familiar Prison Break faces return. However, Michael's story doesn't end as perfectly as many fans would have liked.

Every performance this season is amazing, as it is in the previous seasons. The characters leap off the screen with their lush, realistic feel. Every actor in this show completely embodies their character.  Miller is a hard-edged, driven actor who draws you into the character's world. His chemistry with Purcell is amazing. The two characters show strong bonds of brotherhood and help get another through the crazy happenings in their lives.

This DVD set includes a decent collection of extras, such as two featurettes on the series and its ending and commentary soundtracks for some of the episodes. While I really enjoyed the commentary tracks that exist, it would be far better to have them on all the episodes. I know that there are 22 episodes here, but surely there could be more commentary for the final season? It is also a little surprising that there aren't any deleted or extended scenes from the season. Really, that's part of the reason for getting your favorite TV shows on DVD — to see more of what was originally filmed for each episode..

The biggest issues I have with this release is actually the packaging. I know that sounds a little picky, but the transparent, thin plastic seems cheap and tacky to me — not to mention it doesn't seem like it will protect the discs very well in the long term. Of course, this new packaging does make the set considerably thinner and lighter, but I somewhat miss the look and feel of the older packaging styles (call me old-fashioned).

Season four of Prison Break didn't make every fan happy — in fact, some fans thought that the series should have ended after the third season. I think that this season was a good ending to the series, filled with edge-of-your-seat intensity, and amazing performances.  I definitely recommend it.

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  • Brad Laidman

    I thought the DVD was supposed to have two extra episodes showing how michael died