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DVD Review: Primeval Volume Two

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Primeval is an ITV series that follows a team of five scientists who investigate temporal anomalies across Great Britain. The anomalies look like broken crystals moving in a circle, and they are actually doorways into the past and future. The doorways allow prehistoric monsters including raptors, saber-tooth tigers and more into our time with deadly consequences. Eventually the doorway lets in what can only be described as a predator from the future which, unlike the prehistoric monsters, has intelligence as well as predatory instincts.

The first two seasons each contained six episodes and was released on the Primeval Volume One DVD last year. Primeval Volume Two contains the 10 episodes of the third (and what would eventually be revealed to be the last) season. Picking up where the previous season ended, we see the team tracking the anomalies and getting the creatures back into their own time. Things have changed for the team; they now have the backing of the government, and this allows them to be a bit more proactive in determining where the next anomaly will open.

The first anomaly was discovered by biologist Nick Cutter (Douglas Henshall) whose purpose for studying the anomalies was twofold. They are a fascinating subject on their own, but his wife Helen (Juliet Aubrey) disappeared eight years earlier in the same area without a body ever being discovered. Cutter thinks Helen might have fallen into one of the anomalies and is trapped in the past. As it happens, she has been in the past, but she’s studied the anomalies and now knows more about them than anyone else. She’s actually been sending creatures through the anomalies and is the mastermind behind the timeline changes that have occurred through the series.

This season wraps up a number of plots that have been brewing since the first episode, but ends on a cliffhanger that for the time being won’t be resolved. After the season ended ITV announced they were not renewing the series; however there are talks that the series might be wrapped up in a theatrical film, and even rumors that a US version might be in development.

The extras include commentaries, including one for episode 10 which was the season finale and, unknown at the time, the final episode of the show. The producers, directors, and actors talk about their experiences on the show, what worked, what was cut, what changed from script to filming. When talking about the final episode they were looking forward to the next season which sadly won’t happen.

“Cutters’s Odyssey” is a featurette with Douglas Henshall (Nick Cutter) as he talks about each season of the show and how his character progressed over the series' 23 episodes.

“Genesis of A Creature” is about a contest that was held in 2008 for viewers of the show to design a creature for the show. Sixteen-year-old Carim Nahaboo won that contest. This featurette follows Carim around the special effects studio as he’s shown how his creature will be created for the show.

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