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DVD Review: Please Remove Your Shoes

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Please Remove Your Shoes is a documentary produced by Rob DelGaudio and Black Pearl Productions and written by Rocco Giuliano.  The film is a look into the topic of airport security both past and present and looks at the time period prior to 9/11 as well as the nine years after 9/11. Please Remove Your Shoes asks government agencies whether we as a people are any better off — any safer in the skies — now after all the supposed improvements that have been made than we were in the years prior to the catastrophe of 9/11.

Please Remove Your Shoes looks at the creation of the Transportation Safety Administration and Homeland Security, which was the result of combining 17 different departments. The documentary starts with a look at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). It takes a look at the crash of the 747 in Lockerbie, Scotland and several of the failures that have never been addressed.

The documentary consists of a series of interviews with officials and former agents in the aviation industry. They give us a look into how they were tasked with testing airport security and how the administration skewed the tests to be favorable to airport security to the extent that results were thrown out that they didn’t agree with.

Like any other government agency, many people are mostly concerned with keeping their jobs and not making waves. People who make waves and suggest that we might not be as prepared as we think we are quickly get pushed aside or, worse, removed from their jobs.

My favorite story was when an official was sent to stand out in front of an airplane for five minutes dressed in a suit and tie (but no badge) to see if someone would question his presence there because he wasn’t wearing a badge. What a huge waste of time! We all know that terrorists aren’t going to stand out in front of an airplane wearing a suit and tie conveniently for five minutes waiting to be apprehended!

With all the hassle over only being able to bring on travel-sized shampoos onto flights now I can see how security is too busy to notice things like the Christmas bomber, whose own father told security he might be a risk.

This is a truly amazing documentary that I recommend to anyone who has to fly or anyone interested in another huge failure by our government. The DVD is 94 minutes in length and was released on July 1.

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