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DVD Review: Patriocracy

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With the political parties becoming more and more polarized this year, it’s difficult to get an unbiased view of partisanship and how it’s gotten to this point. Patriocracy examines the division of the political parties as well as the different tactics both parties use. Also examined are how Congress is divided and the different ways that the media uses to dramatize events. The documentary, by Brian Malone, explores how polarization prevents us form working together as a country to solve our most serious problems.

A number of notable Washington personalities share their thoughts on the DVD, including Alan Simpson (former US Senator), Bob Schieffer (CBS Correspondent), Eleanor Clift (Newsweek political reporter/contributing editor and McLaughlin Group TV pundit), Pat Buchanan (news commentator), Senator Marker Warner and Senator Kent.

The documentary takes us back to 1964 with the beginning of the division during Barry Goldwater’s candidacy and how it started the separation of Right and Left. Malone also discusses how Newt Gingrich, in 1979, further encouraged the separation of the parties. Malone and Clift feel that the Internet has further separated the two parties because people often believe what they see online as truth rather than as opinion. You get to see behind the scenes with a look at how Congress is trying to legislate during this divide. Insight is shown into interest groups and how they influence lawmakers and pressure then to take side on important issues. Instead of working together, legislatures feel more and more separated from each other. There is constant pressure to maintain the party lines which further limits friendships and socializing even after hours.

Malone feels that issues like national debt, healthcare reform, illegal immigration, and the war on terror will only be resolved when Americans stop arguing with each other and start working together regardless of political lines. He feels that the message that stands out is the one that is the loudest and most frightening which does more damage than good. As the 2012 election season nears, more and more money will be spent to influence voters one way or another. Malone’s goal with Patriocracy is to educate viewers so that they don’t fall victim to manipulation when they are considering who to vote for. He believes we need to spend more time listening to each other and cooperating with each other than in arguing with each other.

Very rarely are politically-based movies written on a truly unbiased level. Patriocracy does a wonderful job of showing both sides of the picture without taking a specific side. The League of Women Voters has adopted this film with screenings happening all over the United States in 50 of their chapters. DVD extras of the movie include extended interviews with Senator Alan Simpson, Bob Schieffer – Chief Washington Correspondent CBS News, Ken Rudin – Political Commentator National Public Radio.  Patriocracy is available on DVD and digital download. More information can be found at the movie’s official site

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