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DVD Review: One Tree Hill – The Complete Fifth Season

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One of the most successful series to ever be a part of the WB and CW Television network has come to DVD. One Tree Hill – The Complete Fifth Season is the latest release from the popular television series. While this season does seem to have its bright spots, this season doesn’t seem to be nearly as intriguing as past seasons, especially for those expecting the characters to be engulfed in the college lifestyle.

The writers of the show take a huge step forward and fast-forward the storyline a whole four years into the future: essentially skipping the entire collegiate experience for each of these characters and starting the storyline fairly anew. For some fans of the show who craved watching their time in college (and miss the high school drama), this could turn them off, but for others, it is an exciting way to kick off a brand new season.

Much of the cast is new, but the majority of the main characters return. Brooke is one of the most successful out of the characters, as her clothing business Clothes Over Bros is a multi-million dollar business located in New York. Lucas is an accomplished author who is in a relationship with his editor, of all people. His first book was a best-seller, but he struggles with ideas for a second novel. Nathan and Haley are still together, and struggling to cope with Nathan’s near-paralysis. They have a son, Jamie, who they have continued to raise. The storylines are believable and do keep viewers interested, though characters seem to be rotated more frequently than in past seasons.

Overall, this season did not impress me as much as past seasons of the show, partly because the storyline formations seem to become extremely predictable. Some situations and minor storylines come off as somewhat scripted, but the actors did a great job at pulling them off anyway. While there were some corny parts in Season Four (Peyton had almost unbelievable issues and drama), the show did a good job at cleaning those up for this season as well.

Bonus features on the DVD include commentary from the crew members and cast of One Tree Hill, deleted scenes, and a gag reel. In addition, featurettes are included, giving fans and casual viewers of the show some special material behind the scenes.

All in all, One Tree Hill – The Complete Fifth Season is not the best season of One Tree Hill ever. However, fans who have followed the show for a while should enjoy it just as much as any other past season. Casual fans may want to take a pass on this one.

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