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DVD Review: October Road – The Complete Second Season

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Is it possible to ever go home again? This is the premise behind October Road. A once close group of friends suffers conflict when one of the gang, Nick Garrett, best selling novelist, returns to Knights Ridge only to realize that things are not as they once were. After Nick has been absent for ten years and portrayed his friends and family in his book in a not so nice way, he is greeted with anger, disappointment, and a complete change in attitude since his departure.

As Nick struggles to reconnect with his once closest childhood friends, he quickly comes to the realization that everyone has changed and grown up. Physical Phil has become a shut-in after the trauma of September 11, Owen is a loving father and husband who discovers that his wife is having an affair with his close friend Ikey, Eddie owns a landscape business and wants nothing to do with Nick, and Nick’s ex-girlfriend Hannah – once the love of his life –  has a 10-year-old boy named Sam, who Nick thinks may be his son.

As the characters go through life’s everyday problems, as well as adapting to the presence of Nick, many emotions and feelings are brought to the surface – some leaving raw wounds seething, others adding even more questions. As the first season closes with Owen running off to New York City to get away from his cheating wife, and questions arising between Nick and Hannah, the viewer is left yearning and anxiously awaiting for the continuation – which they are about to be granted in October Road – The Complete Second Season.

The second season of October Road starts off just after Nick (Bryan Greenberg) has told Hannah Jane (Laura Prepon) that he loves her deeply and wants to be a family with her and Sam (Slade Pearce), something that Hannah has waited ten long years to hear. However, the past is the past, and she is not sure she wants to put her heart and the heart of her son on the line.

Meanwhile the lives of other such characters as Owen (Brad William Henke), Allison (Elizabeth Bogush), Eddie (Geoff Stults), Janet (Rebecca Field), Big Cat (Warren Christie), Ikey (Evan Jones), The Commander (Tom Berenger), and Physical Phil (Jay Paulson) go through both inner and outer turmoil and the ups and downs and insecurities of everyday life.

One of the reasons that I enjoy October Road so much is the simple fact that it is very down to earth and the viewer can easily relate to one or more of the characters – either through personal experience or the experience of someone close to them. The storyline is one of deep friendship, love, life, mistakes, and righting those mistakes. It’s a story of how life isn’t perfect and there are struggles, but there are also rewards – you just have to hang on, battle the tough times and rejoice in the good times.

My favorite characters are Hannah Jane, Nick, Eddie, and Janet. For whatever reason, they really touched me and throughout the entire season, I just wanted for them to have their “happily ever after” together. The actors do an excellent job in their portrayal of the characters, making them truly believable and drawing the viewer into their lives.

Throughout each episode, there is the underlying current of secrets, which makes it extremely difficult to tear oneself away from the TV. October Road is a very engrossing and irresistible drama – it is addicting and it is sure to lead to late nights of watching, as it did for my husband and myself. As the parents of young children, it is often difficult to find time to watch “grown-up” shows, even in this age of DVRs and TiVos, so we really were not able to follow October Road when it was televised, except for catching an episode here and there. Therefore this collection, October Road – The Complete Second Season is perfect for us and has truly hooked us, as I am sure it will many.

However, after watching the DVD, my husband was very upset when I told him that they had cancelled the series and that what was on the DVD was it. The reason I bring this up is the fact that even those who never caught the series on TV will become captivated and engrossed by the storyline of these real life characters. The rich drama and excellent acting skills of the actors make October Road a must see. Each episode perfectly leads into the next and the DVD version is even more enjoyable without those pesky commercial breaks.

October Road – The Complete Second Season DVD includes all thirteen episodes of the second and final season of its short life. Many fans are disheartened and upset to see the series end, as am I, however as a small consolation, the DVD does include a short 10 minute wrap-up entitled “Road’s End: The Final Chapter” that will bring to light the answer to the big question — who is Sam’s father? — as well as showing viewers what the characters are up to seven years in the future. There is also a short blooper reel “Bumps in the Road: Season Two Bloopers” and a glimpse into the behind the scenes sets in “The Scenic Route: A Behind-The-Scenes Tour.” The bonus features are great and the simple fact that there is a DVD-only October Road loose ends tie-up is reason enough for fans to grab this DVD.

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