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DVD Review: Obsessed

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In Obsessed Derek Charles (Idris Elba) is an executive vice president with a Los Angeles investment house. He has a beautiful wife, Sharon (Beyonce Knowles), who he is deeply in love with, and a young son. The family has just moved into a large house and things are going well for Derek and his family.

That all changes the day a beautiful office temp, Lisa (Ali Larter), fills in for his secretary who’s out with the flu. Derek has promised Sharon he would only hire male secretaries because Derek met Lisa when she was his secretary and that’s how their relationship developed. Against his better judgment he “allows” Lisa to finish out the day. She’s flirty and playful but Derek sees her as harmless.

To Derek’s surprise Lisa is back the next day, filling in for another secretary who has the flu. Lisa is attracted to Derek and Sharon recognizes that, even if Derek is in denial. Lisa starts upping her flirtation, including trying to get Derek drunk at the Christmas party, trying to kiss him under the mistletoe, and showing up in a trench coat revealing she’s just wearing her bra and panties underneath. Since Derek tells her no each and every time and feels he has it under control he doesn’t tell Sharon about these incidents.

A few months after Lisa has finished her time at the company, Derek and his employees are away at a retreat and Lisa shows up, still wanting Derek. After she somehow drugs his drink and takes him back to his hotel room she seems to have her way with him. Derek remembers nothing and tells her to leave, this causes Lisa to try and overdose on pills. Derek calls 911 and saves Lisa’s life; Sharon can’t get a hold of Derek, finds out what happened from a co-worker, and goes to the hospital to find out what’s going on.

Lisa tells the police she and Derek are having an affair and since Derek never told Sharon about the past incidents, she kicks him out of the house. Slowly Derek and Sharon reconcile and that’s when Lisa shows up again! The stalking continues until a showdown occurs between Lisa and Sharon. Larter seems to be channeling Glen Close’s character Alex Forrest from the classic 1987 film Fatal Attraction.

The movie isn’t bad, but it’s a bit predictable and does seem to be a remake of Fatal Attraction without saying it’s a remake. That said, it’s not a bad way to pass a couple of hours as Larter is very convincing as an obsessed women who will get what she wants even if the object of her obsession isn’t cooperative. Beyonce is believable as the wife who has to protect what's hers, but isn't anything special this time out. Elba convincingly portrays a man who is being chased but is happy with his family and life and doesn't want anything to do with his pursuer.

Three short featurettes comprise the extras for Obsessed. First there’s "Playing Nicely Together" which is your typical EPK fluff with the cast and crew fawning over Beyonce’s performance in this film.

"Girl Fight!" goes over the fight scene between Sharon and Lisa in the climax of the film. Director Steve Shill discusses how he did research on the way women fight and analyzes the stunt choreography.

"Dressed to Kill" is a featurette that goes over the style of the film and the selection of wardrobe is examined, going over their purpose and what they were trying to accomplish with certain pieces.

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  • Derek Fleek

    I hate to say this, but this review is sort of lacking in opinion. It’s more of a summary of the film than a conjecture.