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DVD Review: Nick Swardson: Seriously, Who Farted?

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Nick Swardson is back in rare form with his new Comedy Central special, Seriously, Who Farted? It is just what you expect from Swardson: a medley of farcical musings about everything from Asian massage parlors to top hat-wearing monkeys on the Las Vegas strip.

Swardson’s latest show, filmed in the always festive and energetic Austin, Texas, is filled with hilarious accounts of his bizarre life on and off the sets of his movies and TV shows. He tells about his antics behind the scenes of his popular hit Grandma’s Boy and his role as a gay, roller-skating prostitute on the less than serious "reality" series, Reno 911.

Swardson’s humor is made even funnier by his ability to relate to the audience. He jokes about things every person experiences at the brink of adulthood, like drunken bar fights and the quality of fast food while intoxicated. His ability to elicit laughter from everyday experiences is unparalleled. Whether it’s cocky drunk chicks, t-shirt cannons at football games, or late night gaming frenzies, Swardson’s animated storytelling makes even the most ordinary experience hugely entertaining. Not only is he painfully witty, but his comical voices and impressions make it hard to stop laughing from beginning to end, adding to the hilarity of his crazy experiences.

Mostly resulting from the influence of alcohol, his stories mirror experiences of young people everywhere. If you’ve ever wanted to grow up to be a ninja, dreamed of high-fiving a monkey, or gotten so drunk you crapped your pants, you are going to absolutely love this side-splitting stand-up DVD.

Adding to the amusement is a collection of awesome special features. The special features include the opening act of Beardo and Dirt Nasty, a spoof trailer called “28 Drinks Later,” a featurette called “Nick Swardson: Timeless Comedian,” and another spoof for an album called “A Very Terry Christmas.” These extras are an awesome bonus to an already gut-bustingly funny DVD. For a good laugh from an extremely funny and experienced comedian and some seriously funny bonus features, Nick Swardson: Seriously, Who Farted? is a great way to kill a couple of hours.

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  • asa

    what is the name of the opening song to this!!!!!???

  • Ed


  • Turnz3p4g3

    I know it’s by Dirty nasty, but unfortunately, I don’t know the name just yet. Tryin’ to figure it out myself.

  • silvia

    whats the name of the song in the opening of the show???? its hot!!!!!

  • Lisalee

    Did anybody find out the Name of the song????

  • asa

    its called motel room by dirt nasty but i cant find it anywhere!
    where can i go to listen to it??

  • gmachine1

    hahahah i love how everyone wants to hear that shit. cuz i do to. funny as fuck

  • alicia11


  • kimmybear89

    i just tried to find it… doesnt anybody know? not on itunes or amazon!!! somebody has to have it!!!!!!

  • cnight

    i looked for it for almost an hour yesterday…nowhere to be found!

  • kat

    its “Motel Room” by Dirt Nasty

  • Adam Vaughan

    Its on youtube but under the wrong name. Think i heard it on his myspace aswell

  • cnight

    didn’t see it on myspace…do u kno what name its under on youtube?

  • asa

    ok well what do u type in on YouTube to find it then?

  • xevin

    Still looking for it, anyone found it yet.

  • Eva

    at the end of Nick Swardson’s special it says, song: Dirty Nasty “Motel Room”. visited DN’s myspace, yet no song by this name…how strange. if anyone finds this wickedly good song, holla.

  • staceloc

    seriously??? is this song even out yet???cuz its NOT on youtube!!!! cant find it… but i love it!!!!!!

  • Heather

    That song is so hott!!!! Is he going to put it out soon????

  • Frustrated

    WTF!!! I need to find this song. I’ve checked kaaza, limewire, iTunes, YouTube, and found nothing. I’ve messages Dirt Nasty on facebook but haven’t gotten a reply. This is driving me nuts. Why have such dope song but then keep it out of the public. Lame! If anyone finds it please post up where you found it.

  • Tiff

    Come on Really??? Someone has to have it…

  • Master

    Someone does have it.. DIRT NASTY.

  • Alex

    This DVD is insanely hilarious! I got it the day it came out and can’t stop watching it! It is definitely a must have for any comedy fan!


    whens it comin out then???????

  • jillz

    found the dude who produced it… all he said is that “its coming soon” 🙂 but didnt say when 🙁

  • AmberGee

    Loves it!!!!! Dirt Nastys the shheeiitt!!!

  • I think this DVD is hilarious, and the intro song makes it all the more better. Everyone should really check this out if they like funny jokes about alcohol, drunk girls, and fast food.

  • JennyHen

    Has anyone found out where to get that song By Dirt Nasty yet???? I looked everywhere…



  • Steve d

    This DVD is fantastic.. Every time I watch it I laugh harder than before. A must buy!

  • Amanda

    Just out of curiosity, has anyone heard anything more about the song? Loved the special, LOVE the song, just wish I knew where to find it!!!


    Nope. I mean searched everywhere for it… Even hit up Dirt Nastys MySpace.

  • 13x

    Just keep checking facebook im sure he will announce it when it comes out…also and this is just an assumption he goes on tour Dec.18th so I would think it will come out by then.

  • julez

    Anyone find the song???

  • Yuuuup. I know.

    Its not out yet. Almost wow i didnt think people where waiting on that song like that.


    When will it be out and where can I buy it???

  • Jennaayy

    its probably on limewire. everything is on limewire


    Heard it be out next month! 🙂

  • Alex

    ITs Called Fashion Glam and Coke

  • Alex

    nvm they juz sound the same

  • brenn

    Dude??? Its called “Motel Room”!!!

  • kstar

    It’s on his old CD. You ra tards. Cuzzzz I’m a lady killla.

  • deeweezy

    no… its not on his last album… its gonna be on his new album. supposedly comin out in april.

  • Kengen

    any news??? need the song so bad!

  • kspecial

    has anyone found that song yet? i cant find it anywhere and its pissed me off for so long

  • D-Rod

    okat so coming soon last october it its now almost a year later is it out yet ?!?!!? WHERE THE FUCK IS IT ? I NEED IT NOW!!!

  • michael

    itunes has it