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DVD Review: New Adventures of Batman – Season 1

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Grab your cape and cowl and prepare for a ride into your childhood as you spin The New Adventures of Batman: Season 1 coming to DVD from Warner Bros. Grown fans of the Dynamic Duo will be thrilled to hear the voices of Adam West and Burt Ward as they reprise their roles of Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder.

The two DVDs are uniquely packaged in a style fit for retro DC Comics and contain sixteen crime-fighting, villain-stopping episodes. Each episode shows the caped crusaders battling all time favorites like Clayface, The Joker, Catwoman (sorry, not Michelle Pfieffer), and the Riddler. The whole package is excellently put together and provided my two children a rare glimpse into their father's childhood while enjoying the show they have come to love.

The New Adventures of Batman: Season 1 is an animated series that was produced by Filmation in 1977. The animation is not as clean and crisp as what we have in modern day cartoons but it adds a sense of the hand-drawn comic strips of old. It definitely shows that sometimes it is nice to go back to the way things used to be, although it does not answer the question of why it is that Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson's eyes turn white as soon as they put on their masks.

The DVDs bonus features include "bat commentary" for two of the episodes by Filmation co-founder and producer Lou Scheimer and Filmation historian Michael Swanigan and also a documentary about the Batman's return to television with the release of the animated series.

This is a great chance for Batman fanatics to grab a hold of the first season of the cartoon. It also provides the newer bat-fans a chance to see what it is that drew us in so hard to the mystery of the bat. This is definitely a must have for the young and old Batman fans. Besides how can you go wrong with bat-might!

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