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DVD Review: Naked Brothers Band: Battle of the Bands

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In this two-part episode from season one of the highly successful Nickelodeon series The Naked Brothers Band, Nat and Alex Wolff face off against a California punk-rock group in a charity contest. But there's another battle going on as well. Nat's bandmate Rosalina (Allie DiMeco) has a crush on the other band's lead singer. This doesn't sit too well with Nat who has his own set of feelings to deal with. Thus the battle ensues not only between the bands but for Rosalina's heart.

This series has been a huge success among the pre-teen set and it's easy to see why. The music is fun and infectious. The stories are charming and hit upon the things that concerns viewers the most. Battle of the Bands is no exception.

This remarkable show is the creation of Polly Draper (thirtysomething) who also happens to be mother to Nat and Alex Wolff. The boys' father, Michael Wolff, portrays their dad. To top things off, Nat and Alex write all their own songs for the show adding another layer of realism to the underlying story. 

Battle of the Bands is not, however, an entirely family-friendly show. At times it seems that the writers are forcing the kids to grow up a little too fast. The whole relationship dynamic between Rosalina and Nat seems a little forced and almost out of place given the fact that they are supposed to be only 12 years old. 

Overall, this is still a pretty entertaining show. Parents should be cautioned that there are elements that might be a little more mature than they might want for their pre-teen kids. But there is immense talent on display here and it's a safe bet that this series will have a long run ahead of it.

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  • vinicius

    eu amo muito a banda e nao quero que eles se separem nunca !!!!



  • eduardo

    I love allie